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5 Steps to Back-to-School Success

School is back in session! By now you may have held your first Ed on Campus chapter meeting, but you may still be struggling to get your ideas off the ground. Don’t worry—Ed’s got your back. Take these steps to get things moving.

1. Put yourself out there. The key to a successful chapter is, well, people! Market your group through on campus fairs, newsletters, and media outlets. Ask campus officials if your officers can speak about the group at introductory journalism classes. The main goal? Work it–and watch your membership grow.

2. Plan ahead. You should be holding group meetings and networking events regularly, but don’t allow the group to become complacent. Ask members what they hope to gain from being involved. Maybe they’d like to plan a trip to New York. Maybe a résumé workshop is more their style. Perhaps a panel or keynote speaker? Brainstorm for ideas, then make them happen.

3. Know the value of connections. Ask your professors if they know of any alumni who now work in magazines. Finding people in the industry with connections to your school is a great way to score speakers for on-campus events. (Ed knows of one chapter who hosted an alumna—and New York City editor—at little expense because she stayed with her parents while in town!)

4. Work hard for the money. Hosting events can be downright expensive, even if the group receives school-awarded funding. So don’t neglect good, old-fashioned fund raising. For added incentive, record points for members who help, then reward them with an exclusive benefit. An example: Take your visiting editor out to dinner, and invite the most active members to attend.

5. Don’t forget about Ed. He’s here to help, so take advantage of him. Get your semester kick started by taking advantage of his Trust Fund (for your multi-tasking members) or virtual résumé workshop (because everyone wants a New York editor to give them feedback).

Don’t have a chapter on your campus? Start one today! Email for details.

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