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Ed on Campus’s Best Established Chapter Award Goes to Hofstra University!

When Hofstra University’s EOC chapter submitted their application for Chapter of the Year, they compared their group to Susan Casey’s redesign of O, The Oprah Magazine: “Much like Ms. Casey did with one of Hearst’s most profitable magazines, Hofstra’s Ed2010 chapter took a club that had needed to be reenergized and approached it with a fresh, exciting perspective,” their president, Gennifer Delman, wrote.

In addition to Hofstra’s savvy essay, “they hosted two large-scale events this year and established a branch of Her Campus Media to help members score clips,” said Ed’s EOC Awards Associate, Stefania Sainato. “A culmination of these achievements landed them the award.”

So how did Hofstra (located in Hempstead, NY) climb their way up the Ed success ladder? Ed sat down with Delman, a rising senior, to find out.

How did your Ed chapter get established?
GD: Ed at Hofstra was founded in 2008 by Priscilla Rodriguez (’09), current Ed 60 Minute Mentors Deputy Director. Priscilla saw a need for an organization devoted to aspiring magazine editors, since our university’s curriculum is highly news-based.

What are some highlights from this past year?
GD: We held our two largest and most successful events this past year. “Turning the Page: The Future of Magazines” where we invited magazine professionals from several companies and positions on the masthead to share their thoughts on the state of the media environment and tips on how to break in. For “Alumni in the Magazine Industry” we brought in a panel of recent graduates who work in magazines to share their stories from Hofstra and how they landed their jobs.

What’s the biggest challenge your chapter faces on campus?
GD: We’d love to invite students from other majors to join. A magazine can’t function solely on editorial–It thrives on design, web development, photography, and ad sales. Reaching out to students in design and business has proven to be a challenge, but it’s definitely something we’re looking to tackle in the 2011-2012 school year.

What are your words of advice for other EOC chapters who may be having difficulty getting started?
GD: Consider partnering with established organizations on campus to help get your name out there. This is a great way to build professional relationships and make an impact across campus as a team.

Describe in five word or less what you think makes your EOC chapter so great.
GD: We’re all so ambitious!

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