Next Stop: Your Magazine Dream Job

Ed’s Million Dollar Baby

Congratulations to Kourtney Jason, the Spring 2008 recipient of Ed’s tri-annual Trust Fund—and a cool $1,000! (Okay, so Ed was lying about the “millionaire” part…but only because he’s still waiting for his shot at Deal or No Deal). Kourtney is currently interning—for free!—in the features department at Seventeen. She received the offer on her last day of classes at California State University, Chico (where she graduated with a degree in news-editorial journalism and woman’s studies in December 2007) and immediately hopped on a red-eye flight from California to New York to pursue her lifelong dream of working for a magazine.

“I have a couple loans to pay off from school,” Kourtney says. “But I’m saving the money to pay my June rent in case I don’t have a job. Then I’ll have an extra month of a cushion to live in New York and continue my job hunt.”

That’s the Ed way! Congratulations, Kourtney!

Keep checking for details about Ed’s Summer 2008 Trust Fund.

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