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Get Your First Job! 2019 Schedule

Take Note! This program is only open to recent grads (you graduated in 2018 or 2019). The first session will begin the second or third week of September and classes will be consecutive with the exception of holidays. Groups are small to be as effective as possible. Once the maximum group size is enrolled, I will contact all students with a survey to choose a day to meet weekly via conference call (i.e., Wednesdays at 11 a.m. or Thursdays at 8 p.m.) based on the group’s availability. There will be no makeup sessions. Classes and class order are subject to change. 

Session 1

Week 1: Getting to know each other / defining your career story and UVP

Week 2: Writing your Linked In profile and resume

Week 3: Acing cold emails and informational interviews

Week 4: Considering post-graduate internships and temp jobs / hourly rates etc / being freelance


Session 2

Week 5: Writing effective cover letters

Week 6: Using social media to leverage yourself / presenting your personal brand

Week 7: Finding jobs in new places (outside of Linked In and Ed2010)

Week 8: Navigating edit tests (to be scheduled/on demand)


Session 3

Week 9: Interviewing best practices / techniques + writing follow ups / thank you notes

Week 10: Evaluating a potential employer / job sites and questions to ask

Week 11: Effective networking IRL / skills that aren’t awkward

Week 12: Salaries and hourly rates for first jobs in media and how to get what you deserve


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