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Apply for Ed’s $1,200 Trust Fund!


Don’t have a trust fund? Ed’ll give you the cash! (Who’s your daddy now?) Ed knows what it’s like to be an unpaid intern—eating ramen noodles every day, temping for cash, scrounging just about anything from the giveaway tables at work just because it’s “free.”

To help you out, Ed’s gonna give awesome unpaid mag interns $1,200 to use for living, travel and whatever other expenses. Assuming Ed can raise the dough, there’ll be one lucky whippersnapper each fall and spring semester and two recipients in the summer.


Yah, Ed’s got rules. Sure, they’re boring, but read them closely and make sure you meet every requirement before you apply—and, who knows, maybe you’ll be able to afford a little chicken for your ramen!

To Apply:
1) If you’re an undergrad, you must be at least a sophomore in college at the time you apply. If you’ve graduated (undergrad or grad school), you must be out of school for 24 months or less.

2) If you are picked to receive Ed’s Trust Fund, you must be able provide proof that you have an unpaid* editorial** internship (in the form of a letter from the magazine’s internship coordinator on company letterhead or via company email) within 5 days of notification that you’ve been selected. Your internship must be at least 20 hours a week.

* Stipends are okay, as long as it’s under $500 and the amount is declared in the application. Interns who are paid hourly are not eligible.

** Ed will consider editorial interns in any of the following areas:articles, beauty, fashion, food, research, copyediting, web and tablet. Ed will not consider interns in the following areas: marketing, promotions, publicity, and sales. Confused? Ask Ed. Email

3) Your internship must be at a magazine or a content site. Newspaper interns are not eligible. If you have questions about whether your content site is eligible, ask Ed. Email

4) Fill out the attached application. The application must be typed or word-processed. Incomplete applications will be disqualified without notice.

5) Submit an essay in 500 words or less in which you answer the question: Why do you deserve Ed’s Trust Fund? Convince us why you are the most deserving magazine whippersnapper out there. The Ed Staff will review essays for passion, need, and creativity. You can, additionally, send as many as three writing samples, but they will not be judged nor will they affect you chances of winning.


1) Application Deadlines:
Fall term: Application must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on November 15
Spring term: Application must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on February 15
Summer term: Application must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. by May 30

2) Where to Submit:
Please submit the application by 11:59 p.m. on the due date. Applications received after this time will not be considered.

3) Proof of Internship Deadline:
Ed will notify via e-mail or phone the winner within two weeks of deadline. Within 5 days after notification of winning, the winner(s) must be able to prove, with a letter from the magazine’s internship coordinator on company letterhead or via company email, that you have an unpaid internship that fits within the above requirements.

4) Award Presentation:
Ed’s staff will deliver the check for $1,200 to the winner(s) within two weeks after proof of internship has been received.

5) Questions?
Email questions to with “Ed’s Trust Fund Question” in the subject line. It may take 24 hours for your questions to be answered, so keep this in mind in accordance with the deadlines. There will be no exceptions to the deadline.

Done reading the rules? Fill out the application!

Image source: Flickr user GotCredit

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