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Ed is like a guru, some call her a fairy godmother. (Yes, she’s a she: read all about her.) After twenty years in the media biz and working with thousands of recent grads she knows everything about breaking in, getting ahead, and living and working in the big media in the big city. Sign up for a one-on-one coaching session or other coaching packages. Not in NYC? She does virtual meet ups too.

“Chandra’s energy and expertise will inspire you! She can clearly identify your talents and help you focus on bringing those talents forward with specific, actionable steps, including who to talk to and what jobs to apply for. ” — Mindy Walker, Content Director, Cheree Berry Paper 

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Sometimes you don’t know what you need to know. That’s where Ed’s Unsolicited Advice comes in. Ed’s team of editors have thought of everything that you need to live and work in the magazine media industry (and New York!) and we’re here to share it all with you.

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Ed sees hundreds of resumes each year and sadly, most are very, very bad. Want yours to be one of the best? Ed charges $100 for a personalized review with a design template. Get more info here.