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Hey Whippersnappers! Looking for a career in magazines or online media but don’t know where to start? When Ed first moved to the city two decades ago he realized that in order to get ahead in this competitive business he had to be connected. But coming from a small city in Indiana he didn’t have anyone to connect with. But you do. Because you have this site with tons of unsolicited advice and Q&As to answer all your magazine career and editor life questions.

Unsolicited Advice

Sometimes you don’t know what you need to know. That’s where Ed’s Unsolicited Advice comes in. Ed and his team of editors have thought of everything that you need to live and work in the magazine media industry (and New York!) and we’re here to share it all with you.

Read up, Whippersnappers! Ed’s advice archives is here.

Ask Ed!

Ed is like a guru, some call him a fairy godmother. After twenty years in the magazine media biz he knows everything about breaking in, getting ahead, and living and working in the big city. He’s answered tons of questions from whippersnappers — chances are he’s answered what you’re wondering right now.

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Need A Resume Makeover?

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