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Hey EAs and AEs: 3 Reasons You Should Volunteer for Ed’s Buddy System

Are you an editorial assistant or assistant editor, who’s no more than two years out of college? Yes? Then Ed would like to introduce you to something that will give you really, really good career karma.

EA/AE, meet the Buddy System. Buddy System, meet EA/AE. And now that that’s all out of the way, here’s the skinny on Ed’s Buddy System program — and why he wants you to be a part of it:

Ed knows that you’re a pro at everything from navigating the subway system to picking out the perfect interview outfit, and that’s why he needs your help. See, even though you may be acclimated to both NYC and magazine life, there are a slew of whippersnappers who are in dire need of your sage advice. And that’s where the Buddy System comes in.

We know, we know — you’re really busy and you’re trying to work up the ranks and find a better apartment since you’ve been here a while now. But volunteering to mentor a younger version of yourself (that’s right!) — is not only awesome, but it can help your career, too.

For the first year, Ed’s offering some cool incentives to joining the Buddy System:

1. We’ll list your name in Ed2010’s Masthead for an entire year as a Buddy. (Hello sweet addition to your resume!)

2. You’ll get a 10 percent discount on one class Ed offers within the next year. From how to freelance with a full-time job to writing about food, travel and more, he offerd great classes to help you get ahead.

So what does “being a Buddy” require?

Ed needs you to be your Buddy’s go-to person when it comes to magazine and career-related things. You’ll weigh in on situations like, “What goes into an attention-grabbing cover letter? How many times should I follow up before it becomes too much? Do I wear a suit to an interview?” (Ed trusts your advice!)

In addition, you’ll need to give him or her the NYC scoop, and that includes everything from the best Sunday brunch spots, the areas of the city that have the most affordable rents, and how to navigate the lower loop in Central Park. (Think about it: The more matches Ed makes, the less people we have on the NYC streets, spinning in circles because they can’t find the A/C/E trains!)

Another perk? If you become a mentor, you’ll be on the Ed2010 Masthead for a year, and receive 10 percent off a class of your choice. Add that to your resume!

Ready to apply? Fill out this application now.


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