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Chandra Turner

Chandra Turner
Founder & President

Chandra Turner (CHAN-druh) has an accomplished career as an editor at the nation’s top women’s magazines. She’s now Executive Director of Scholastic’s branded content studio, SNP. Previously she’s been in leadership roles at ParentsCosmoGirlLadies’ Home Journal, Cosmopolitan, and YM. She started her career as an ASME intern at American Baby and then as an editorial assistant at Good Housekeeping and junior editor at Glamour.

Chandra is the founder & president of She founded Ed2010 in 1998 when she was an assistant editor at Glamour. Ed2010 began as a group of a dozen friends who met periodically at bars in New York City and exchanged emails about job openings and industry gossip. The group grew and stayed connected via an email newsletter, then a geocities chat board, and now the lifestyle and jobs website it is today. Via Ed2010, Chandra speaks frequently to college students, recent graduates, and junior editors about how to get started in the industry and how to move up the editorial ladder.

You can reach Chandra at

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