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Trust Fund Testimonials

With their internships now over, Ed’s two summer 2007 Trust Fund winners—Esquire‘s Julie Vadnal and Lucky‘s Maniezheh Firouzi—reveal why the cool grand they both got helped them out so much.

Says Julie:
“The Trust Fund is what Ed2010 is all about—helping young editors get ahead in this business. As an unpaid intern this summer, $1,000 was the validation I needed to graduate from ramen to Cup-a-Soup. (If you’ve ever been an unpaid intern, you know what I’m talking about.) I’m grateful for all the Trust Fund has led me to, namely another internship—this time it’s paid!—back at my dream magazine, Esquire. Woo hoo! Thanks, Ed!”

Says Maniezheh:
“A food service resume. That’s what it’s called. A piece of paper that says you’ve steamed, fried, served and smiled your way through countless meals and ergo merit employment at one of NYC’s greasy spoons or fine dining establishments. I needed such a job to pay for life expenses while I interned for free at two magazines during summer 2007.

“Little did I know a can-do attitude and two years working in a coffee shop would not be sufficient to garner such a job; being a working (or non-working) model or actress seems to fit the job description better. So, by the time the Fourth of July rolled around my initial paltry savings was dipping its toes in red waters.

“I have learned there are times when only divine intervention is the answer to a problem. Mine came via e-mail. One Friday evening I was too proud to call my parents and beg, and I was too scared about the repercussions of uncontrolled credit card use, so I did the natural thing, which is to go to sleep to try and forget about the fear of feeding myself. Lo and behold I woke up on Saturday to an e-mail from Ed saying I was a Trust Fund finalist. It was so humid in my un-air-conditioned flat I thought I was hallucinating.

“I am forever indebted to Ed2010 because it was more than just money for cereal and toilet paper: It was the first time I felt secure in myself that my journalism and writing ambitions are valid, and it instilled the hope of helping someone the way Ed helped me. I think that’s the best tip I could have asked for.”

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