Next Stop: Your Magazine Dream Job

Meet Ed’s Spring 2014 Trust Fund Winner: Isis Darks

Interview by T.K. Brady

Ed knows that one of the challenges of making it in the magazine business is just making it to the Big Apple, which is why he’s so excited to award this Trust Fund to a commuting champ. This semester’s winner, Isis Darks, travels 24 hours by Greyhound bus every week for her internship at Woman’s Day. Let’s just say she’s got some serious drive — pun intended! On top of it all, the University of Toledo student manages eight classes and serves as an editor for her college newspaper. Wondering how she does it all, while saving her sanity? Here are her tips for time management and making the most of every experience.

What made you decide that magazine journalism is the career for you? I’ve always had a knack for writing, but wasn’t until I started as a fashion columnist that I realized I loved talking about fashion and beauty, and had a natural flow. I enjoy the fact that you can create a voice that your audience recognizes and can relate to. You feel a sense of duty to deliver quality every deadline to the women (and men) looking to you for advice on various topics. I love it.

How did you feel when you landed your internship at Woman’s Day?
I was totally elated! I had a phone interview on Christmas Eve, so throughout the holidays I anxiously awaited (and followed up) to set up an on-site interview. Then I hopped in my car at midnight and drove 10 hours hoping that Woman’s Day would feel I was the right candidate.

Your Ed2010 Trust Fund application said you commute from Toledo to NYC every week for this internship. That’s quite the drive! What’s your secret for making the time pass on these weekly road trips?
I take the Greyhound every week, so during that time I sleep. I actually appreciate the time it takes to get to NYC (12 hours), because I can rest before I start my day with Woman’s Day. It’s the most sleep I get all week!

You’re also a student and editor on top of being an intern. What’s your time management secret?
Since it’s my senior year, I’ve had many of my professors before. I take a majority of my classes online, so everything is just a due date. Keeping a planner helps, and just staying on top of the syllabi professors give out can cut down on missed assignments and exams. Communication is also key; I stay in contact with my publication all the time!

What advice would you give to your peers on making the most of an internship?
Develop relationships with other interns, and go into each day with an eagerness to learn and work. Every day I arrive early and leave when I’m no longer needed. Give your best by taking notes to minimize mistakes, stay positive, be ready to work and always be calm. During the time that you’re interning, your superiors will appreciate your optimism, clear mind, and work ethic, which opens the doors for more important tasks or opportunities in the future!

Do you have a dream job?
A dream job to me is waking up every morning excited to go to work, because you love what you do. I’d love to be involved in anything editorially in magazines.

What are your plans for the summer?
I am graduating in May and I hope to land my dream job, ideally, by the time summer starts. If I am not able to find a job, I am open to interning again. This time I won’t be commuting from Toledo to NYC—I actually would want to move here!

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