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5 Tips to Nailing Your 30-Minute Mentor Application With Ed2010

Over the years, Ed’s 30-Minute Mentors program (fka: 60-Minute Mentors) matched countless recent grads with magazine experts willing to pass their wisdom on to new talent. Senior editors at top magazines from Cosmopolitan to Travel + Leisure meet with selected mentees for a half hour Q&A session. 

Thanks to this program, aspiring mag editors have gone on to land jobs and freelance gigs at their dream magazines. But to become a mentee and enjoy the benefits of this (free!) program, we ask you apply, so our mentors know they’re talking to the best of the best. We read through plenty of applications each year—here’s our advice to make sure yours stands out.

1. Don’t be afraid to brag
When we ask about your previous internship and magazine media experience, don’t hold back. We want to know you’ve dipped your toes in the and are certain this is the industry for you. Tell us what you loved, what you didn’t and what you took away from your experiences. Haven’t landed a big time mag-media internship or job yet? That’s okay, too! Tell us about a publication you edited during college, a local paper where you did some reporting or your fashion blog you update daily.
2. Be specific
We want to match you with a mentor who ideally, you’d dream of having a position like his or hers one day. Be super specific when listing the niche you see yourself working in. Let your heart run wild when sharing your top 5 ideal mags you would love your mentor to work at. Chances are, we know someone there, and want to match you with an ed you can hit it off with.
3. Think about the questions you want to ask
You probably know this by now, but editors are busy people. Really research the magazines you dream to work at one day, and tailor the questions you want to ask you potential mentor to that. No one wants to answer the question, “How can I get a job?” upon meeting. Steer clear of broad, general questions like that.
4. Use the essay to show your passion
The essay is your time to shine and really show us what you want to get out of this program. There’s no need to write a novel. But, a few strong paragraphs explaining your passion for magazines or the relationship you hope to build with your mentor can make all the difference in your essay. We want to know
5. Re-read your app before you submit
 This may seem intuitive, but trust us: we see applications with spelling errors all the time. Make sure to proofread carefully. We hold our applicants to the highest of standards (we’re magazine editors, after all!) so do as you would on an edit test, and double check your work.
Kaitlyn Frey is the Deputy Director of Ed’s 30-Minute Mentors program. When she’s not helping Ed, she spends her days talking about the KarJenners and makeup while working on People’s Style & Beauty team. Follow her @kaitaroni on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.
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