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The 6 Apps Every Editor Should Have On Her Phone

By Yerin Kim

Nowadays, there are apps on the market for pretty much everyone and everything, and journalists are no exception. From staying on top of your news to recording multiple interviews, writing and reporting demands a large variety of resources. But thankfully, there is no shortage of smartphone apps to make a journalist’s journey much easier. To guide your search for the most productive apps, we rounded up our favorite tools working in the media world.


Every editor knows that keeping up with current events is crucial for ideating stories. Try out Feedly, a free, easy-to-use RSS reader. Add your favorite publications to your feed and arrange them into topics to stay on top of trending issues and news items you’re interested in. Plus, you can bookmark stories to read later.


Another useful news aggregator, News360 is a free app with a crisp interface and a plethora of content. Like Feedly, you can personalize your feed, but it also allows integration with iMessage and Evernote. You can also easily search specific topics or publishers to curate your content, and share stories to social media in seconds.


As a reporter, you’re probably conducting interviews on a daily basis. TapeACall is a must-have for your phoners—it’s super easy to record calls, save the audio, and send to your email immediately. It’s not always an option to put your calls on speaker phone and record with a different device, so this app is perfect for any situation. Though the app is $19.99/year, we definitely think it’s worth it.


Not just a regular audio app, AudioNote allows you to take notes and draw while recording your interviews. You can highlight key quotes or jot down quick notes to save time post-interview and avoid sorting through hours of audio. And the best part? It’s free!


A simple, effective note-taking app can make juggling your many tasks easier. One of the most popular (and free) apps out there, Evernote allows you to take notes, sketch, record audio, and add images to your notepad. The app is not only compatible across mobile, desktop, and tablet devices, but also easy to use with its appealing interface.


If you’re jumping between multiple devices, Pushbullet will be your best friend. This free app allows you to send links, messages, and other forms of media from your mobile device to your laptop and vice versa. Whether you use Pushbullet to send resources for stories or just to share quick reminders, this convenient tool will definitely come in handy.

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