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Career Lessons We Learned from The Bold Type

It seems like everyone — Ed included — can’t get enough of Freeform’s newest hit show The Bold Type, and Ed can totally see why. Watching Jane, Kat and Sutton juggle their jobs at Scarlet magazine, relationships and supporting each other’s dreams along the way. Plus, Jacqueline, Scarlet’s editor-in-chief, is a total #BossGirl, successfully balancing the role of mentor and supervisor. Not to mention, unlike other movies and TV shows that tend to show the magazine industry more from a glamour perspective as opposed to their work, The Bold Type actually focuses on their jobs, so we watch them make mistakes, sometimes get frustrated with their work, and learn valuable career lessons along the way, making it all to relatable.

While we have to wait until who knows when for Freeform to green-light a season two (Pretty please with a Cosmopolitan on top?), all we’re left with is re-runs and this awesome listicle of their best career lessons that anyone can takeaway.

Scene: When Jacqueline rejected Jane’s pitches, they were all old and redundant.
Lesson: Be yourself! That’s why you were hired.

As a newbie editor, all you want to do is please your boss with superb, on-brand pitches. But as Jacqueline reminded Jane after rejecting several of her ideas, pitch what you are passionate about and not what your boss wants to hear. Remember, if they didn’t think you could do the job, they wouldn’t have hired you. So bring that personality next time you send a bunch of pitches to your editor.

Scene: When Kat’s tweets got a little controversial.
Lesson: Think before you Tweet.

As much as we love Kat’s gutsy personality, her bold stance of feminism, and her eagerness to make Scarlet more political, sometimes her personal life (her relationship with Adena) meshed into her career life — and not in a good way. In various occasions, she let her intentions (while really good ones) get the best of her and tweeted some eyebrow-raising statements from Scarlet‘s Twitter handle (like when she accidentally tweeted about her love life in a semi-homophobic tweet.)  Let’s just say, it wasn’t a good look for Scarlet and it could’ve costed Kat’s job, proving that what you tweet (even if it was deleted) has consequences.

Scene: When Sutton lied about studying at FIT when going after the fashion assistant position.
Lesson: Be honest with your career background.

Whippersnappers, repeat after Ed: Always. Tell. The. Truth. In job interviews, in stories, when you’re bantering with other co-workers at the cafeteria, being honest almost always pays off, especially when you work in an industry were everybody talks. Case in point: Sutton’s soon-to-be boss found out that she lied about FIT after her boyfriend accidentally ratted her out. Thankfully, she redeemed herself and got the job, but that little white lie nearly costed her.

Scene: When Sutton negotiated her position like a pro.
Lesson: Negotiations are always an option.

We were stoked to see Sutton snag that fashion assistant job, but when the salary wasn’t as a high as she expected, she had to get creative on scoring a decent deal that was worth switching gigs. She sat down with her boss Oliver and negotiated other perks including per diem travel and a date in three months where they would discuss her performance and revaluate her salary. He agreed. The lesson here folks is that you always have a chance to negotiate, even when it feels absolutely hopeless.

Scene: When Jane accepted a new job offer at Incite.
Lesson: Know when it’s time to leave.

Ed gets it — it’s always scary to leave your comforting, current position for a new one. But as Jane discovered that she wasn’t getting to write what she was passionate about, it’s time for her to go. Even Jacqueline agreed that you should always go for something that “scares the s*** out of you.

Scene: When Kat had to fire her assistant
Lesson: It’s not personal, it’s business.

Nobody likes to fire their employees, but as Kat learned early on in The Bold Type, it’s part of the business. She really wanted to be a cool, good boss and worked really hard training her assistant Natalie on Scarlet‘s social media voice. But when Natalie continued to miss up and tweeted something about Kylie Jenner that could’ve gotten Scarlet into legal trouble, Kat knew she had to let her go. It’s never easy firing someone, but as usual, business is business.

Scene: When Jacqueline rejected a call from Beyoncé to help Jane with her writing
Lesson: As a manager, always be available to your team.

Despite Jacqueline’s busy schedule running Scarlet, she still found it important to make time for her employees when they were stuck on a story or needed some advice. As a manager, it’s important to keep a close eye on your employees and listen to them when they have an issue. After all, happy employees equal a more productive work day.

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