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How to Catch the Attention of Your Favorite Editors or Brands on Social Media

By Jamé Jackson

It’s time to spill: Which brand, designer, or editor do you absolutely fangirl over? Thanks to social media, contact with those companies and influencers is right at your fingertips—and if you play your cards right, you might be able to attract their attention for job opportunities, informational interviews, or even brand collaborations. Follow these three tips to snag a spot on their radar.

1. Dress the part.
Ever heard that saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”? That applies to your social media presence too. If you’re trying to get your favorite fashion columnist to think to herself, “Wow, I can definitely see her working here!” you’ve got to look the part. That doesn’t mean you have to sport all the latest outfits off the runway in your selfies, but you should definitely look clean, polished, and memorable.

“Dressing the part” also alludes to “dressing” and tailoring your social media. One of the easiest ways to do that is by making sure that your photography is HD. No blurry photos allowed! Also make sure that there is a theme throughout your posts, so someone can quickly scan your page and know instantly what you’re passionate about. You’ll stand out when you look like you’ve taken the time to curate everything on your page.

2. Make your presence known organically.
True story: I follow a New York-based editor-in-chief on Instagram, and I usually interact with every other post she puts up. (It’s not forced, as they’re topics we both enjoy talking about.) One day, I ran into her at a Starbucks and she recognized me first!

Brands and editors will notice who interacts with their material, and oftentimes, go to your page to check you out. You can get the ball rolling by commenting on their photos and posts, and if you’re feeling lucky, even send a DM. A simple yet professional note like, “Hi So-and-so, I’ve been following you for XYZ, and I truly admire ______ about you and your work. Thank you for all you do!” gets people feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

If you’re seeking a possible brand collaboration, you should also utilize hashtags and tagging. Whether it’s a post about makeup, food, fashion, or something else entirely, tag whoever you can. After all, celebrities are slowly being upstaged by digital influencers who show brands that their audience engagement is strong. So you never know when a company may decide that your platform is just the thing they’re looking for!

3. Collaborate as much as you can.
Not everyone is able to partner with an international Youtuber who has 1.5 million subscribers. However, you can collaborate with local writers, on-camera personalities, stylists, and other creative people in your industry. They’ll still be able to help promote your content, and working with them will push you out of a mono-dependent bubble. Plus, you never know when someone’s sister’s boyfriend’s aunt’s cousin could be best friends with Anna Wintour! Just remember that collaborations are meant to be symbiotic, so make sure you’re willing to return the favor and help out your partners.

Good luck!

Jamé Jackson is the founder and editor-in-chief of, a site geared toward redefining media narratives for women of color in the fashion, beauty, and entertainment industry. She is also an on-camera personality, avid thrifter, and self-described “misfit”. Follow her on her wild, blonde adventures @Theblondemisfit.

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