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From Ed’s Guest Blogger: Get To Know Lo Bosworth

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By  Caroline Vazzana

It’s been about thirteen years Laguna Beach and The Hills first aired and now, Lo Bosworth is a household name. Today, you’re more likely to find Lo running her empire that includes a blog, two businesses and a YouTube channel. Here, the former reality TV star spills her beauty secrets, healthy eating tips, and career advice.

You’re now an author, blogger, YouTuber, and business owner. What is your go-to meal to help you through a busy day?

I went to The French Culinary Institute, so I’ve been trained to do what’s called Mise en Place, “everything in place.” Every time I get my food from the grocery store, I wash and chop up all my vegetables and cook everything when I get home. It makes cooking throughout the week so much easier and more convenient. I’ll roast a chicken, cook ground turkey or lamb meatballs once a week, so that I always have stuff that I can just eat on-the-go. I always have fresh vegetables and salad mixes so my go-to meal is a really beautiful, nutritionally dense salad that I put together based off all of the things that I have prepared throughout the week.


You have done so much in your career. What would you say is the best advice you have ever received?

The best career advice I’ve ever received was “You don’t have to climb Mount Everest, you just have to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.” Basically, you don’t have to be the one percent. You don’t have to be the best of the best. You just have to be yourself and do your best and be comfortable with that. And I think that once you find peace with what your own capabilities are, you don’t have to constantly compare yourself. You can find contentment in exactly who you are and what you’re doing.


What are your three go-to beauty items?

I have way more than three. One of my favorite new ones is by Supergoop and it’s an oil-based sunscreen. It has SPF 50, so that has been my new go-to sunscreen that I love. I love my Maybelline eyelash curler. Can’t live without it. And my third is the Rose Alpha Beta Skincare Peel by Dr. Gross. It’s a nightly peel.


What would you say has been your biggest struggle or setback in your career thus far?

I think for me, just drawing comparisons to my peers has always been difficult and in my later 20’s and early 30’s, now I finally feel comfortable with who I am and what I can bring to the table. I’ve learned you should just go for it and follow your own passions.


What are some of your tips and tricks to standing out on social media?

Speaking to your audience in the way that you would talk to your friends is really important. Just be conversational and engaging. Ask your followers questions. Ask them for their advice. And share private moments that you normally wouldn’t share on Instagram. So many people want to present this picture-perfect image of themselves and I think that authenticity reaches way more people.


You run the incredibly successful blog, TheLoDown, so what advice would you give to those hoping to start a blog now? And anything they should know beforehand?

I think if you want to start a blog, you should just go for it, it’s really easy at this point to create a beautiful site, but if you’re going to start a website, have a very specific point of view. Take the weirdest part of yourself that you like and make it about that because there are enough fashion bloggers out there. The market is saturated and nobody new is going to break in.


During New York Fashion Week you launched Dine/Design, can you tell us more about this project?

Yeah! So I partnered with my friend Fiona Burn who is an interior designer and my background is in food, I went to culinary school, so we are curating events around design and food elements. It’s casual, and for fun, we have a great network and we are just bringing together people who we feel like would enjoy these events the most! We are partnering with brands and putting on evenings that don’t feel like it’s work.


Caroline Vazzana is a fashion writer, editor, and stylist living and working in her hometown of New York. She’s worked for Anna Sui, Marie Claire, Teen Vogue, and InStyle. She has collaborated with designers including Betsey Johnson and Diane Von Furstenberg, and has styled celebrities for various red carpets like the MTV Video Music Awards and Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. Caroline is currently the Founder & Creative Director where she hopes to shed light on the industry to the future fashion generation. Make sure to follow her everywhere @cvazzana for an inside look into her day to day in NYC. 

Photo: @lobosworth on Instagram

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