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What Kind of Magazine Intern Are You? (Ed Was #3; Don’t Judge.)

By Amari D. Pollard

Interns have a tendency to run in packs. Whether they’re collaborating in the office, navigating a networking event, or just enjoying a night out—where there’s one intern, there’s bound to be more.

Of course every intern brings their own set of skills and a unique personality to the group, but after completing a few intern cycles, you start to see a pattern of common characteristics unfold. Here are the kinds of interns you can expect to run across on the internship circuit.

1. The Fashionista
She looks on point 100 percent of the time and is always the most put together intern in the room. There’s a good chance one of her outfits cost more than what you currently have in your bank account, making you wish you had access to her closet. Eventually, you’ll learn the next best thing is to ask her out on a shopping date.


2. The Hometowner

Born and raised in the city, he’ll act as your unofficial tour guide until you get better acquainted with your surroundings. Feel like you need a new haircut because your summer internship transformed you? He has the best stylist on speed dial. Need to find a physical therapist because you twisted your ankle running errands in heels? He knows who to call. This guy will help you survive, but don’t expect to see him around that much; he knows too many people in the city and will be busy making the rounds.


3. The Grandma

Her room is impeccably clean, she goes to bed around the same time almost every night (about 9 p.m.), and she has a plan for everything. Sometimes her motherliness can be a little stifling, but she’s the kind of friend you need in your life. No one will support you or have your back more than she does. And when you can’t think of what do with your day off, she’ll definitely have a well-thought-out day of fun and safe adventure scheduled.


4. Mr. Personality

He’s probably one of the loudest people you’ll ever meet, but there’s something about him and his confidence that makes you want to be in his presence. He has no problem walking into a room of strangers and walking out with a handful of friends; he just has this way of bringing people together. With his smart jokes and quick comebacks, you’ll never get bored with him.


5. The Magazine Encyclopedia

You may have stayed up late reading magazines and studying issue after issue, but she studied harder. Just try quizzing her. The girl can rattle off every magazine’s masthead and carry long conversations about journalism ethics. If you’re smart, don’t tune her out when she goes on one of her rants. Listen and take notes instead.


6. The Hipster

He’s such an intellect that you don’t understand what he’s talking about half of the time. In fact, most of the things he says sound like they could be turned into think pieces for The New Yorker or The Atlantic. You never know his exact whereabouts, but he’s more than likely at some unknown spot in Brooklyn. He shops vintage, wears a pencil behind his ear, carries a classical book like Pride and Prejudice everywhere he goes (even into a bar), and somehow manages to look like he’s not trying but still trying really hard simultaneously.


7. The Free Spirit

She never has a plan and always does what feels right to her in that moment. Her carefree personality can sometimes get her into trouble, and she might need someone to bail her out of a sticky situation once in a while. She’ll come off as crazy a majority of the time, and her unpredictability may have a tendency to infuriate and frustrate others, but she’s the perfect person to help loosen you up after a long day in the office.



Amari D. Pollard is a Syracuse-based social media producer at Advance Media New York. She has written pieces for Parents, Popsugar, Elite Daily and Inside Lacrosse. She’s a news junkie obsessed with her collection of glasses, vintage shopping, and brunching. Check out her work at and follow her slightly above average life on Instagram and Twitter.

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