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From Ed’s Guest Blogger: The Perfect Tote Bag For Every Editor

When you’re working as a magazine editor in New York City, life is fast-paced and full of activities. A typical day may take you from an early morning gym session to work to a lunch meeting to drinks or an industry event after work, all without a stop at your apartment in between. When you’re running (or cabbing) from place to place, you need a bag that can hold everything you need while still being versatile enough for any occasion. Your tote needs to basically fit your entire life (or at least your entire day) and look stylish to boot! Here are four stylish options (two affordable, two splurges):


Classic Leather Tote

For the Classic Girl: Cuyana Classic Leather Tote
Cuyana’s motto is “fewer, better things,” and nowhere is this mantra displayed more aptly than in the brand’s Classic Leather Tote. Its slightly slouchy and flexible shape gives it a relaxed attitude, while the wide range of color choices ensures that there will be something for everyone. This is for the girl who never bows down to trends and yet always looks current, who has a wardrobe filled with simple, high-quality pieces that will last a lifetime and get better with age. $165


Transport Tote

For the Edgy Girl: Madewell Transport Tote
Madewell is the go-to brand for hip and edgy girls who still retain an upscale attitude. The Transport Tote is a forever piece that holds everything you need while still exuding an insouciant attitude. Never stiff or uptight, the Transport Tote goes with everything and adds a bit of edge to any ensemble. If you really want to show off your personal style and throw in a little preppy touch, you can have the Transport Tote monogrammed. $168


Seville Tote

For the Prepster: Lo and Sons Seville Tote

Lo and Sons is the company for career girls on the go—whether it’s running around the city or traveling for work or pleasure, Lo and Sons has a bag that will suit your needs. Their products are designed to be light and portable without sacrificing the space to hold everything you may need. The Seville is a particular standout. Made with a patented shell design that allows you to mix and match the interior with different exteriors, this tote is a great option for fashionable editors who don’t want to be seen wearing the same item too many times in a row! Bonus: this bag will fit your laptop perfectly and includes plenty of pockets. It’s functional, professional, and stylish, all in one. $300


Petra Magazine

For the Modern Girl: Everlane Petra Magazine Tote
When it comes to modern basics that appeal to the city girl, Everlane can’t be beat. Not only are their items stylish, minimal, and chic, but the company also practices “radical transparency” (meaning they’ll show you the full cost breakdown and tell you about the factory conditions where the item was made). The Petra Magazine Tote is perfect for anyone #livingtheeditorlife, not only in its name, but in its practicality, style, and functionality. The tote is priced amazingly well, considering the fact that it is composed of Italian leather. This sleek and modern bag will take you from a day at the office to a press event to drinks, without sacrificing style or functionality. $325

On her blog, York Avenue, Jacqueline Clair shares her original photography and musings on interior design, fashion, food, and life in New York City. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.
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