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Personal Care Hacks to Help You Get Through Media Work Post Election

By Jamé Jackson Nowadays, many in the publishing industry are taking on roles as social media editors and backup staff supporters on covering all the breaking news on social. However, with the 2016 presidential campaign and then most recent inauguration, many of us can be feeling burned out and just…down. Here are three personal care hacks to implement so you can be your best self:

Don’t Take Work Home With You

Really hard to do when your job circles around you being on a computer or phone all day. When you clock out, make it your mission not to pull up news-related material, or go hunting for the latest updates. The reality is…you will exhaust yourself keeping up with every single second of the “he said, she said” roundabouts nowadays. When work is done, your brain needs to decompress and focus on other things. Go out with friends, go party, write about something that actually makes you happy. Whatever you do, just don’t stay stuck. At times, it can be so overbearing, I’ll just stay off social media for the rest of the day. I KNOW, it sounds impossible, but your inner peace is worth it.

Attempt Not to Take It Personal

This tip is a hard one to suggest, only because we are all human and it’s natural to become combative when you feel like something you agree with is being attacked. As journalists, we are often called to be objective, and in times like this, facts will always overshadow opinion. If you feel the need to take a stand, get involved in your local chapter of whatever cause, march, join campaigns, whatever. However, I’ve learned when I take a reflective step back and don’t work myself up becoming personally aggravated by what’s happening, I am able to think with a clearer mind that then allows me to make more rational decisions. You will still be expected to come to work and do your tasks every day, no matter what is happening in media. Do yourself a favor and learn how to remove certain feelings from the words of what others say.

Practice Self-Care

Self care is not the same for everybody. For some, it’s grabbing an ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles. For me, it’s body massages and facial masks while I watch Netflix. Whatever it is for you, practice self-care. So often, we give to everyone else without consciously thinking of what we should be giving to ourselves. I was always taught if you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be of any good to anybody else when something happens. Slightly morbid to think of in those terms, but it’s true! Do that thing you love to do, as often as you need to do it to feel peace and happiness and centered. Also, make sure you are continuously eating a nutritious meal (we can have a tendency to skip the lunch when on tight deadline), drinking lots of water, and getting sleep! I can assure you, the news may be different when you wake up but at least you will have a clear mind to process it.


So simple, and yet so overlooked. With this happening, and that happening, and the constant threat of job loss in this industry, in particular, stress can set in. Often times, we’ll forget just how blessed we are, even if we personally feel we’re bottom of the barrel. When in doubt, laugh. Let out a soaring roar that’ll fill up your belly and make others look at you crazy.  You know why? Because I assure you, when you’ve finished laughing, you’ll remember that joy on the inside can’t be taken by the circumstances that surround you. Even though the political climate is quite stressful, you have the power to wake up every day and make the most out of whatever comes your way.

Jamé Jackson is a fashion and beauty writer based in New York City. She can be seen spreading love and female empowerment through her Instagram, TheBlondeMisfit.

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