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The Sportswear Items You Can Wear to the Office

By Kristin Granero

Maybe you’re super athletic and looking for a way to disguise those gym trips on your lunch break, or cut back on having to haul a bag of workout gear with you everywhere. Maybe you’re just looking for something more comfortable to work in (after all, many of us spend at least eight hours sitting, walking and running to meetings at the office). Maybe it’s a little of both. Ed has been there, so we went ahead and rounded up seven pieces of sportswear that manage to look as good as they feel. Read on, and watch the compliments roll in.

1. Lululemon Sweat and Savasana Sweater

This versatile turtleneck sweater from Lululemon is chic enough for your morning meeting, yet comfy enough for commuting to and even taking your favorite yoga class. The idea of not having to change before and after hitting the mat has us feeling more zen already.

Lululemon Sweat and Savasana Sweater ($148)

2. GapFit Breathe Wrap Tank

Wrap up your next office look with this lightweight top from Gap. It can be worn over a sports bra tank or long-sleeve shirt for days when you need a little more coverage. You can wear it as-is tied to the side, or tucked in with high-waisted trousers. Bonus points if you add a statement necklace.

GapFit Breathe Wrap Tank ($32.95)

3. Athleta Trekkie Jogger

As for those trousers we mentioned? Replace them with these joggers from Athleta. They’re just as chic, but offer 2-way stretch for easy movement, both within and outside of the gym. Just throw on some heels in the morning and swap in your sneaks when you’re ready to go on the move.

Athleta Trekkie Jogger ($89)

4. NikeLab Essentials Skirt

A pencil skirt that’s comfy enough to break a sweat in, yet chic enough for that big office meeting? Yes, please! We suggest wearing it – there are three shades to choose from – on days you want to walk to work (or at least on your lunch break).

NikeLab Essentials Skirt ($140)

5. H&M Outdoor Jacket

This is another one of those items that’s great for commuting back and forth from home to work to your favorite yoga studio. The padding adds a dressier touch so you won’t need to worry about taking it off before you run into any coworkers.

H&M Outdoor Jacket ($49.99)

6. Old Navy Go-Warm Open-Front Hoodie for Women

This hooded cardigan from Old Navy, complete with thumb holes for keeping hands warm, is perfect for keeping cozy – whether at your fitness club or in your cubicle. Scoop it up in gray and navy to create different looks.

Old Navy Go-Warm Open-Front Hoodie for Women ($36.94)

7.  C9 Champion Women’s Premium Legging

These leggings from Champion’s C9 brand (available at Target) offer a substantial amount of coverage so you don’t need to worry about people seeing right through them. Even better, the material has a slickness to it – there’s even pleather paneling at the knees –making them polished enough for professional settings and playful enough for evening.

C9 Champion Women’s Premium Legging ($39.99)

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