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Whisper Jobs FAQ

Check out these frequently asked questions on the topic!

Q: How do I submit a Whisper Job post?
Simply fill out the form on the Whisper Jobs page. Be sure to choose the correct form. There is one for all paid jobs and internships and a separate one for unpaid internships.

Q: Why did my Whisper Job posting not go up?

A: It may take up to two business days for a post to go live. Also: Did you include how much the job pays in your post? Ed requires that you include the hourly rate ($11 is minimum wage in New York) or the project rate (or range) the job will pay. The only exception we all are for jobs that are clearly full-time salaried positions; we allow posters to cite those as competitive. All other postings we consider unpaid internships and need to be posted as such and we charge a $30 posting fee. This fee goes toward our scholarship for unpaid interns. Finally: You may not have met Ed’s requirements for job postings (see below). If your posting did not go live in 2 businesses days, it did not meet these requirements. You may readjust and resubmit your posting again with your new information (ie., adding the pay rate).

Q: What are the requirements for a Whisper Job posting?
A: Ed currently posts all temp, freelance, and full-time editorial staff and internship postings for magazines and content-based websites for free. (Yes, you heard that right. Free!) Ed now allows employers to post writing- and editing-based jobs and internships in the areas of marketing, native advertising, and branded content for print magazines (i.e., Midwest Living, Vogue, Esquire) and content-based websites (i.e.,, Refinery29, Ed does not post sales or other non-editorial marketing or advertising positions. Ed2010 has the right to reject any job posting if we feel it does not benefit the Ed2010 community. 

Q: Will I be contacted if my Whisper Job is rejected?

A: Sorry, no. Ed does not have the staff to contact posters who do not meet our requirements for job postings.

Q: Can I take my Whisper Job/Internship posting down?
A: The job will automatically delete in 6 weeks. It’s advisable that you put an application deadline in your post to minimize applications before the 6-week mark. Ed can no longer remove postings that have already been published.

Q: Will I receive a receipt or confirmation email for my Whisper job posting?
A: Yes. You will receive a confirmation from Ed2010 and if you paid for an unpaid internship posting you will also receive a receipt from Pay Pal.

Q: Help! I’m an employer and I just posted a Whisper Job I need to change!
A: If you made a mistake in your job post you can email the Whispers team at and we’ll make the correction for you 2 business days. (Just don’t screw up a lot, OK? Ed is run by volunteers.)

Q: How much does it cost to submit a Whisper Job post?
A: If you are posting a job that pays minimum wage or higher the posting is free. Ed’s cool like that. However, he does charge for unpaid internships: All unpaid internships require a small fee. The money from these postings supports Ed’s Trust Fund. 

Q: When and where will my Whisper Job posting be posted?
A: The job posting will be live on Ed2010 within 2 business days of your post and will live within its respective category (full time, freelance/temp, paid internship, unpaid internship).

Q: How can I get my Whisper Job posting in front of more whippersnappers?

A: Pay a bit more and your job can be Ed’s Spotlight Job of the Week and get promotion on the homepage, the newsletter and even sticky at the top of the jobs posting page.

Q: Who do I email if my questions still aren’t answered?

A: Pop us an email at We’ll help you out. But please be patient — we are all volunteers.

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