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What is 60-Minute Mentors?

Coffee-MentorsDon’t have internship experience and need some career advice to get started? You’re in the right place! Ed2010’s 60-Minute Mentors program has helped hundreds of recent graduates over the years. Mentors are matched up with Mentees for an hour question-and-answer session (or, if you’re outside NYC, via phone or email). And the best thing? It’s free. (Ed’s nice like that.)

Note: The mentor program is only open to those who have graduated within the last 24 months from either undergraduate or graduate programs. Due to the enormous amount of mentor requests Ed receives, he reserves the right to reject any incomplete or inadequate applications. This program is highly selective.

The mentor program is up and running! Fill out an application here.

P.S. Ed is always down for helping hands who want to become mentors. Feel free to shoot him an e-mail if you’d like to mentor a young whippersnapper.

Introducing The Buddy System

Screen shot 2011-03-04 at 8.55.56 AMEd knows it isn’t always easy to figure out where to live, how to find the best happy hours that won’t break your unemployed budget, and how to get your foot in the door of the magazine industry. (Not to mention what to wear to an interview!)

To help steady you from stumbles, The Ed Buddy System is back for 2014 – a program where recent college graduates will be matched with an Editorial Assistant/Assistant Editor in New York. Your Buddy will aid you on the way to editorial and city-living success by being more than a mentor, but a friend, too.


If you’ve already submitted your application for the Buddy System since last year, we’ve received it (but if you want to resend, feel free to — Ed keeps everything, but could miss something here-or-there). If you’re applying now, please make sure you meet the requirements:

-Must be a college or grad school graduate as of May 2014
-Must be out of school no longer than 12 months
-Must be living in, or have plans to move to, NYC by June 2014 (you want to actually meet your buddy, not just connect to them on Twitter)
-Must not be a current or past EA
-Must be dead-set on being in magazines (digital or print)

(Sorry there are no exceptions to these requirements!)

The application deadline for Whippersnappers has come and gone for 2014. Check back in Spring 2015!

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. Apply to the buddy system here.


Want some great career Karma? Apply to be a mentor for the Buddy System! We welcome any Editorial Assistant or Assistant Editor from any magazine or Web site. Plus, participating in the Buddy System has some awesome perks: If you sign up to be a mentor, we’ll put your name on the Ed2010 masthead, and give you 10% off an Ed2010 class! Apply to be a buddy system mentor here.

*Photo courtesy of Flickr user fiskfisk.

Need A Resume Makeover?

Ed sees hundreds of resumes each year and sadly, most are very, very bad. Want yours to be one of the best? If you’ve graduated or not a member of EOC, Ed charges $50. Just email Ed and he’ll hook you up. If you’re a college student and a member of Ed on Campus, the service is free. Read all about it at the bottom of the Ed on Campus page.

Are you an unpaid intern? Totally broke? Apply for Ed’s scholarship program, The Trust Fund.

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