Next Stop: Your Magazine Dream Job

Ed’s Buddy System

Every spring, Ed’s Buddy System matches recent college grads who want to work in the magazine media industry with junior editors who are already working in New York City. Your Buddy will accompany you to Ed events, show you around NYC if you are new, and give you advice about how to find your first magazine media job. The relationship continues for an entire year, and longer if you wish. And because you are matched with someone who is only a year or two ahead of you, chances are you’ll also make a friend, too. This service is free.

Thanks for your interest in the Ed2010 Buddy System! Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting applicants for this year’s program, but we encourage you to check back next spring when the application process begins again.

Do you want to get a mentor? Fill out an application here.

You must meet these requirements:
-Must be a college or grad school graduate as of May 2018
-Must be out of school no longer than 12 months
-Must be living in, or have plans to move to, NYC by June 19, 2018 (you want to actually meet your buddy, not just connect to them on social)
-Must not be a current or past editorial assistant
-Must be dead-set on being in magazines (digital or print)
-Must be available to attend the Ed2010 Buddy System Happy Hour on Tuesday, June 19, 2018 from 7-9 PM at Overlook NYC (225 E. 44 St.)

Do you want to be a mentor? Ed is looking for any Editorial Assistant or Assistant Editor from any magazine or content website. Plus, participating in the Buddy System has some awesome perks: If you sign up to be a mentor, we’ll put your name on the Ed2010 masthead, and give you 10% off an Ed2010 class!

To be matched with a buddy, fill out an application here.