Next Stop: Your Magazine Dream Job

Let Us Do the Screening!

Excited to hire a new team member? But not so excited about churning through tons of applications? Even though Ed2010 is a niche posting site (you won’t get any dental hygienists applying for your content strategy role thank goodness), you will get still get quite a stack to sort. Let us do it for you! We’ll even throw in a few extras to bring in a bigger pool of talent.


Ed2010’s sister agency, The Talent Fairy, will: 

• Make your job sticky at the top of the job listings board for one week.

• Feature your job in our weekly newsletter.

• Have all the postings come to our inbox. (That’s right — no clogged inbox for you!)

• Sort through all applicants based on your key job requirements, experience, and skills.

• Provide you with a short list of five top candidates within 6 weeks of your initial post. (Need a rush? Just ask!)

• Provide all applicants in one neat and tidy file in case you want to dive deep.

All for $249 per listing. That’s still less than what other job boards charge, without sorting or extra promotion. A deal? We think so!

So go ahead — post your job. Then reach out to to add on this sorting service, ASAP.

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