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Masthead Media Assistant Editorial Manager

Publication Type: Content Website

Publication Name:Masthead Media

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Pay: Commensurate with experience

Job Description:Masthead Media, a company that creates magazine-quality content for brands, is seeking a dedicated assistant editorial manager to join our staff for an ongoing contract position.

As an integral part of the Masthead team, the assistant editorial manager will report to the VP of Editorial Operations and support all aspects of editorial development and client content management. The position will require a 40-hour per week commitment, with one workday per week scheduled at our Brooklyn-based offices, and the remainder of the work executed off-site at the freelancer’s home or independent workplace.

Job responsibilities may include:

Organizing the “Masthead” of writers, editors, and top-tier bloggers
Writing, editing, copyediting, and optimizing article content, as needed
Planning and bui

Job Application Contact Name: Odessa

Job Application Contact

Posted: 05-01-2014

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