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Ariana Finlayson

Ariana Finlayson
Features & Social Media Director

Ariana first heard about Ed back in 2006 from Ed’s Web Director, Christie Griffin, which was uber helpful since she had been cold-calling magazines for internship opportunities. Using Ed’s resources, she landed internships …

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Christine Mattheis

Web Editor

Christine is the deputy editor of She has previously held positions across print and digital at MSN Fitbie, Family Circle and Bicycling.

3 things to know about her: 1. She graduated from Syracuse University in 2007 …

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Karen Snyder Duke

Ed on Campus Director

Karen started a love affair with Ed when an editorial assistant (who was rejecting her internship application!) whispered the words “” through the phone. After two years of keeping their love a secret, she founded All …

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Gloria Steinem Hearts Ed!

By Sharon Clott

Ed’s reps at Syracuse University flippin’ flipped out when they met Gloria Steinem on March 20, 2007! The legendary feminist, journalist, and Ms. Magazine founder visited the university for special lecture called “An Evening With Gloria Steinem,” …

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