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5 Podcasts for Food Editors to Gobble Up

Good food brings everyone to the table—and nobody understands that better than editors and writers who specialize in covering cuisine. Inspiration can be found everywhere from recipe books to the #eeeeeats tag on Instagram, and yes, even via podcasts. Whether you’re just getting started covering the foodie beat or have a hankering to try something new, we’ve rounded up five podcasts to sink your teeth into.

Inside Trader Joe’s
Raise your hand if you love to shop here. This newly launched podcast is divided into five-part episodes all about the grocery store chain. Inside Trader Joe’s reveals the answers to all of your burning TJ questions, like how they keep their wine selection so amazing and affordable. Every episode also provides insight into how the chain operates, from the products they choose to sell to how they got into business (as told by founder Joe Coulombe, the real “Trader Joe”).

Spilled Milk
Who knew food could be so funny? Enter Spilled Milk, a weekly podcast hosted by writers and comedians Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton. They take ordinary items like tomato juice and Hot Pockets off the shelf and put them onto the table to be reexamined—and the results are always hilarious.

A Taste of the Past
If we want to anticipate food trends in the future, we must look to where it all began. Hosted by culinary historian Linda Pelaccio, A Taste of the Past takes us back through time for a peek at how history ate its meals. Some episodes go as far back as recipes found in Ancient Rome while others touch on staples consumed during the Great Depression. Pelaccio is often joined by guests who reveal interesting info about the role of food in funerals, British meals in the era of Queen Victoria, the cult phenomenon of pho in the United States, and more.

If you’re seeking comfort food with a side of substance, head down south for Gravy, an excellently named podcast from the Southern Foodways Alliance. With new episodes airing a few times each month, the podcast explores how the South played a pivotal role in shaping the way everyone eats. Whether it’s an episode about Latin dishes in New Orleans or a discussion on whiskey as an agricultural product, you’re sure to learn something new.

Prince Street
“By, for, and about people who love food” is the tagline for Prince Street, a podcast described as a “variety show” and brought to you by fine food purveyor Dean & DeLuca. Culinary heavyweights like Anthony Bourdain and Martha Stewart offer up sound bites with the hosts, James Beard Award-winning journalist Howie Kahn and writer and producer Elisabeth Robinson. There might only be a handful of episodes, but it’s better not to bite off more than you can chew, right? Each one brings its own delicious spin on the foods that play a powerful role in our ever-changing world.

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