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Fictional Editors We’re Dying to Work With IRL

We talk a lot about fictional mag editors and writers in TV shows and movies on Ed2010. Editorial pros like Andie Anderson in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Jane Sloan in The Bold Type, and Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada have gotten a lot of love from us over the years. But now we’ve got another important question: Who would actually make the best colleague? Here’s a look at some of the fab experts we would love to partner with for the day (or forever, really).

“If I had to choose one fictional editor to work with, I would have to go with 13 Going on 30’s Jenna Rink of Poise magazine. Her energy and passion is infectious, and I think it would be cool to work alongside her as she and the editorial team reimagined the magazine. Although Poise was in jeopardy of going dark, Jenna took it as an opportunity to show the full power of storytelling and that there is always potential in magazines.” —Amari Pollard, Social Media Editor, The Week

“Jenna Rink! 13 Going on 30 inspired me to live the life I have now, so naturally I’d be willing to help her totally overhaul Poise magazine.” —Allison Berry, Branded Content Editor, Bustle

“Definitely Carrie Bradshaw. I’d love to go back to that dream world and the golden age of magazines!” —Chandra Turner, Founder and President,

“Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls! She’s a quick learner, determined reporter, and equally obsessed with caffeination. (But let’s just not talk about that ‘standing in lines’ story.)”
—Emily Elveru, Associate Editor, Parents magazine

“I’d want to work with Nigel Kipling, art director at Runway magazine in The Devil Wears Prada. There’s a line he says in the movie that always stuck with me as a writer: ‘You are not trying. You are whining.’ Editorial, whether it’s in print or digital, is an insanely competitive business. You want your portfolio to go the distance and then some when you first start out. Sometimes this means making personal sacrifices in order to shine. If you want to make your mark, you have to put in the effort. Love what you do, work hard, and be open to and passionate about learning everything and anything. Runway was Nigel’s shining beacon of hope as a teenager and you never know—your writing might just be as inspiring to readers who want to be like you!”
—Heather Taylor, Senior Editor, PopIcon

“Sutton Brady from The Bold Type, because she’s just a ray of much-needed sunshine. Even during the toughest times in Scarlet magazine’s office, she manages to be bright, vivacious, and super funny. I tend to get stressed out when a big project lands on my plate, so I need that work buddy who reminds me to take a deep breath. Plus, I love how she unapologetically chases after her goals, both in her career and her personal life.” —Chrisanne Grise, Senior Features Editor,

Heather Taylor is the Senior Editor of PopIcon, a blog about brand mascots powered by Advertising Week. Her bylines have been published on Business Insider, HelloGiggles, Brit + Co, The Drum, and BettyConfidential. Find her on Twitter @howveryheather.

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