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What I Learned from Cosmo’s Former Web Editor Visit to My Campus

Hi Ed!

Hope all is well. I recently saw your email about no longer accepting new Ed chapters, but wanted to tell you about the impact Ed had on my campus at the University of South Carolina.

After founding it this past spring, [email protected] has become the premiere media networking organization on campus. In addition to magazine swaps and skills workshops, we also host a speaker series every Tuesday at 6 p.m..

The series has featured local magazine editors, business owners, public relations managers, and more. To me, Ed2010 has always felt like a resource for everyone in the media industry, not just editors, so I wanted to implement that vast network within our campus chapter values too.

I’m so appreciative of the opportunity to start an Ed2010 on campus and I know students have really appreciated having the resource to learn from media professionals in a laid-back, transparent atmosphere where they can ask the questions they might otherwise feel nervous to ask at a traditional networking event.

I wanted to reach out to you to tell you about an event we hosted April 17, 2018 at the School of Journalism and Mass Communications. We partnered with other student organizations on campus to invite former Editor Amy Odell to talk about the future of media, how social media has changed the way readers consume news, her experiences as an editor and freelancer, and more as part of our speaker series.

Without the opportunity to found Ed2010 on campus, the students at UofSC might not have had the opportunity to attend a fun, informative event like this. So I just wanted to send over a quick thank you! Ed2010 is an amazing resource for hopeful editors, social media managers, PR directors, marketing managers (everyone!!) and has made an impact on not just me, but so many of my peers!

I’ve attached a flier for the event and the .pdf I created to raise the funds to bring her here. As a graduating student, I’ve learned so much about how to network and write from Ed’s networking events and newsletters.

Thanks for all that you do,
Lexi Hill


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