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Meet the Talent Fairy

If you follow Ed2010 on social media, you may be wondering why this magical nymph-like creature is popping up in your feeds. 

Let me introduce you!

Talent Fairy is a talent recruitment agency that helps brands enhance their storytelling experience by bringing them highly specialized content creators that can move their business forward. If you want to create a deep connection with your consumer, you need a content team that is trained to speak and connect through words, stories, and experiences. Talent Fairy specializes in placing editorially minded people in content creation jobs of all sorts —  digital and print editorial, branded content, content marketing, and marketing-communications. 

To understand Talent Fairy, first a quick primer on Ed2010. I launched Ed2010 (nicknamed “Ed”) more than 20 years ago to bring together a community of editors and to help them build careers in media — starting in print and digital, and then in branded content and content marketing. In that time, Ed has posted tens of thousands of editorial and marketing jobs, helped launch countless careers through our workshops, mentor programs, and networking events, and won several awards for our content and services. 

As Ed’s founder, I built a vast network of highly specialized content creators across all platforms and spent years connecting hiring managers to talented candidates and vice versa. So much so that I earned the nickname as the industry’s “fairy godmother.” 

This spring, I launched Talent Fairy as an agency within Ed2010 to connect hiring managers with this community of talented, editorially trained content creators. I bring my own expertise as a media executive running editorial and branded content teams at companies like Hearst, Meredith, and Scholastic to help companies like yours build your own teams. 

I may be biased, but I firmly believe those of us who come from an editorial background have a unique skillset: We are trained to speak to an audience on an emotional and authentic level; we know how to create storytelling experiences; and we know how to build on that brand affinity to create deep connections that will help move your business forward. As the Talent Fairy, I will do the same for you, by helping you find just the right talent that represents your brand’s voice, culture, and mission.  

Read more about the services I provide, the subject areas I specialize in, and a list of job titles I can help you fill. 

Looking forward to working together.


Chandra Turner 

aka The Talent Fairy


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