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3 Beauty Trends Every Editor Needs to Try on Herself

By Jame Jackson

Who says that your makeup always has to follow a corporate dress code? With all of the hot beauty trends currently on social media and amongst our favorite beauty influencers, it can definitely feel like a sad case of FOMO. Yet, fear not: Here’s how you can pull off three beauty trends while at the office.

  1. The Kim Kardashian-Contour

Kim Kardashian taught the entire world that the contour game could literally reach new heights. However, it maaaaay seem strange to your coworkers if you come into work with a face looking like you’re about to hit the red carpet every single morning. So how can you make that red carpet look daily friendly? First, change up the variation of contour. Instead of going 3-4 shades darker, try 2-3 to create a softer look. Also, switch periodically from creams to just a simple powder that’ll give you just a bit of depth to your skin. It’s summertime, so don’t be afraid to sub out your contour for a beautiful bronzer instead. Remember, you want to make an inverted 3 down your face while applying: starting at the forehead, moving down to your cheekbone, and sweeping again to your jawline. And for everyday wear, perhaps ditch the forehead and nose contouring–summer time heat isn’t merciful on anyone and the last thing you’d need is to come back into the office literally melting away

2. Colored Eyeliner

I’ve been sporting mustard yellow all summer, quite obsessively actually. However, before I go bouncing up into my manager’s office with gold eyes (hello, we’re not all Beyoncé), I decide how I’ll tone it down. If you’re interested in going for the colored eyeline look, assess which colors are “acceptable” in the office based upon what you tend to see others doing. Rich, chocolate tones can pull up slightly more vibrant colors like cobalt blues, rich magentas, or even canary yellows, while medium to fare skin tones can definitely get a smokey effect with browns, lighter variations of color, or heck, even pop out with a showstopper! For days I want to definitely show my colorful side, I’ll take a NYX eyeliner (probably in the shadow yellow), and line my top and bottom eye line, following up with a black gel liner to tone it down. Pop on some mascara and BAM, you’re look is workified!

3. Holographic Highlighter

While I know many of us are just trying to be unicorns on earth, that doesn’t necessarily work when it comes to showing up to a 10 AM meeting with holographic highlighter splashed all across your face. This is a trend for those definitely not faint of heart, HOWEVER, there are ways in which you can get a bit of payoff. Combining your highlighter (personally, I love Milk Makeup Holographic Stick in Supernova, which you can get at Milk’s website or Sephora for $28) with a little bit of your favorite moisturizer will give your skin that cool, iridescent look, and then your makeup on top of it will seal the deal! Or take some of your highlight (preferably cream which can work more easily into the skin), and dab it into your skin with your ring finger. Oh, and BLENDING IS KEY.

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash


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