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6 Sites Every Writer and Reporter Needs to Bookmark

By Kristin Granero From coming up with story ideas to securing experts (and the endless research along the way), reporting — especially early on in your career — can seem like a daunting task.

Thankfully, more and more sites are making it easier than ever to stay on top of the latest news and trends, both when it comes to the industry and world, as well as to access sources, whether it be a doctor to weigh in on a new medication or chefs to share their  favorite recipes. Read on Ed’s favorite reporter websites.

  1. HARO

HARO (short for Help a Reporter Out) does just that by connecting journalists with a wide range of sources (such as publicists and experts) in one shot. All you have to do is enter your query, whether it be for the latest denim brands for a fashion roundup or dermatologists to weigh in on controversial skincare trends, and wait. This site can be especially helpful when facing a tight and/or fast-approaching deadline.

  1. Journalist’s Toolbox

Run by the Society of Professional Journalists, this is another site that does just what its name suggests, in this case supplying writers with a variety of tools from the trade, and updating them as needed. Last time we checked, the homepage was touting the State of the 2017 First Amendment Report, Poynter’s Fact-Checking How-to Guides, NPR’s Facebook Live Guide and a Statistics for Journalists tip sheet (among many other resources). The site frequently features sign-ups for courses, and has a newsletter to inform you of the latest.

  1. Poynter

Dubbing itself “a global leader in journalism,” has made a name for itself by reporting on reporting. Bookmark it to stay on top of the latest publishing moves, trends, scandals, opportunities and tips. (They also have a newsletter in case you want the latest delivered right to your inbox.)

  1. Tech Crunch

If you work in digital media (or are just a self-proclaimed techie), this site is for you. Follow along for updates on the latest social platforms, gadgets and more to make sure your content is always optimized and your phone has all the latest updates. You might want to follow Tech Crunch’s social profiles, as well, just to make sure nothing passes you by.

  1. Newsonomics

Take a closer look at the state of journalism, as well as where it’s headed, thanks to this numbers-focused site. It reports on everything from publishing goals, gains and trends (check out 2016 by the numbers) to the latest hires and fires (last time we checked, there was also a lot to be said about “fake news”). As with many of the sites listed here, the site offers a newsletter and various social channels for added consumption.

  1. Skyword

Like a digital portfolio, Skyword allows you to create an online bio speaking to your writing experience, as well as to catalog your works (complete with a tagging structure so you can easily find them when you need to). Perhaps even more impressive, Skyword allows others to read your clips and assign you additional tasks. Once accepted, you can build articles right on the platform and submit to editors, attaching your PayPal account for easy payment.

Kristin Granero is an Ed volunteer who has contributed to various media outlets, including Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Women’s Health, Fitness Magazine, Teen Vogue, Parents Latina, Popsugar and TODAY. When she’s not writing, she’s scouring New York City for the latest and greatest guacamole.

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