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8 Digital Editors Who Will Inspire Your #CareerGoals

By Emily Weaver

I first realized I wanted to pursue a career in the editorial industry after taking a networking trip with my Ed2010 campus chapter about three years ago to New York City. I remember sitting at LaGuardia airport waiting to catch a plane back to Iowa with an overwhelming sense of inspiration and motivation. So, like anyone else would, I followed every editor on Instagram I had met. 

Hannah Orenstein at Elite Daily, instantly became one of my favorites (that’s her above). I still turn to her profile for writing advice and career inspo’. But, having an inspiring Instagram presence takes more than a good preset and the New York City skyline. Here are my eight faves that I hope will also inspire you!

Hannah Orenstein 

Senior Dating Editor at Elite Daily, Hannah Orenstein is the perfect digital mentor for those looking to break into not only the editorial space but book writing as well. Author of Playing with Matches and Love at First Like, Hannah is a breath of fresh air who doesn’t hide behind a highlight reel.

 From writer’s block to wardrobe malfunctions and from Gossip Girl outfit look-alikes to photoshoots of her cat Eliose, Hannah is someone every whippersnapper should follow. 

Follow her: @hannahorens

Photo via Instagram @hannahorens


Laura Brown 

Interested to see what a day is like in the shoes of a big time magazine editor? Laura Brown, InStyle Editor-in-Chief, takes you behind the scenes of one of the largest fashion magazine brands.  

She also uses her platform to promote political change like the banning of the sale and manufacture of new fur products in California. But, if watching how Jennifer Aniston graced the cover of the October Beauty Issue is more your style, she has that too. 

Follow her: @laurabrown99  

Photo via Instagram @laurabrown99


Emma Baty 

Self-proclaimed aspiring wine connoisseur and Entertainment Editor at Cosmopolitan, Emma Baty’s feed will make anyone want to work at Cosmo. Emma’s Instagram story keeps her audience up to date on (you guessed it!) all things entertainment with a sprinkle of the occasion infamous Hearst selfie. 

Her most recent work includes chatting with Kennedy McMann about all things Nancy Drew and the concept of celebs being a husband/son. Sounds confusing doesn’t it? Head over to her Cosmo highlight to learn more. 

Follow her: @emmabaty 

Photo via Instagram @emmabaty


Hannah Frazier Caldwell 

A quick look at her Instagram reel and Hannah Frazier Caldwell might come across as beauty writer but really she’s the Social Editor for Bustle. Hannah proves you can use your job to promote your passion whether it’s with your new pink ‘do or a fresh manicure. 



Follow her: @hannahfraziercaldwell  

Photo via Instagram @hannahfraziercaldwell


Ellie Conley 

AOL Lifestyle Editor Ellie Conley is living up her “senior” year in New York City. Between Starbucks holiday breakfast with Ali Fedotowsky to morning workouts with Busy Phillips and dog fashion shows to the Museum of Missy hosted by MTV and Pepsi, Ellie keeps her audience on their toes waiting to see what opportunity her job lands her next! 



Follow her:  @ellieconley

Photo via Instagram @ellieconley_


Alana Peden 

Alana Peden, StyleCaster’s newest Deputy Editor, loves a good beauty hack and travel selfie. If a perfect winged eyeliner and sleek pony is what your feed needs, you might want to hit that blue follow button. L’oreal, Drybar, IT Cosmetics, and Herbal Essences are just a few of the brands you can find on her page. Plus, did we mention she’s hung out with Hailey Bieber at a Bare Minerals event? Hashtag beauty goals. 


Follow her: @alanapeden

Photo via Instagram @alanapeden


Theresa Massony 

Theresa means business. I mean, she gave herself her own job title at Elite Daily: Very Gay Senior Style Editor. She knows how to strut a cheetah print shirt and make tie dye makeup cool again. 

Theresa is creating a space in the digital editorial industry where ladies and gents can feel comfortable no matter your body shape or sexuality. In her words, “we stan character development!”

Follow her: @theresamassony 

Photo via Instagram @theresamassony 


Danielle Tullo 

Deputy Editor for Her Campus and Her20s, Danielle Tullo will have you wishing you were her best friend in a matter of seconds. Her Instagram screams Homegoods meets the wine aisle. You’ll learn how to take the perfect wine selfie in no time. 



Follow her: @danielletullo  

Photo via Instagram @danielletullo 


Emily Weaver is a freelance writer. She recently graduated from the University of Iowa where she studied Journalism & Mass Communication and Sport Studies. Her writing has been featured on Grandstand Central, Spoon University, Iowa Journalist and more. Follow her: Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn

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