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The Craziest Stuff Editors Have Ever Found on the Giveaway Table

By Jamie Hergenrader

Magazine editors are constantly looking for story ideas. And lucky for us, publicists and public relations companies are more than willing to help out. Every day they send editors an array of products in hopes they’ll be featured in the pages—snacks, beauty products, books, yoga mats, wine (that’s not bad), shoes, and more. And when the holidays roll around it gets especially insane. (Tis the season for gift guides.)

While we appreciate the help, some goodies that wind up on our desks or the giveaway table are just head-scratchers. Check out some of the craziest items people have picked up at their offices! Then, share your own giveaway table swag (weird or not) with Ed2010 via Instagram using the hashtag #giveawaytable.

“A DNA genealogy test from National Geographic. It turns out, I’m a quarter Southwest Asian.” —Cassandra Tannenbaum, Photo Editor at Marie Claire

“A giant banana filled with banana milk that sang a banana rap. I also received a no-bathroom emergency kit (a disposable urine stream director and a couple squares of TP), designed to help ladies pee in a porta-potty, or the woods, or wherever else with a little dignity.”—Cathryne Keller, Senior Associate Editor at Women’s Health

“A honey body scrub in a literal jam jar. I thought it was honey to eat, but it was for my body.” —Hilary Weaver, staff writer at Vanity Fair

“A box of food-flavored lubes and massage oils—no note inside. I was working at Time Out, and the only explanation I can think of is that I’d just written a piece on the Museum of Sex.” —Sarah Bruning, senior lifestyle editor at Us Weekly  

“A bright pink tote bag with an iron-on collage of parts of faces of famous models that have been in the beauty company’s campaigns. It looked like someone’s crafty aunt made it at home.” —Jessica Chia, Senior Beauty Editor at Allure

“Beef jerky delivered by a drone.” —Ciera Velarde, Editorial Production Assistant at Thrillist

“My coworker just got a bedazzled jar of vegan mayo and some flower crowns made of kale.” —Alexa Tucker, Reporter at Self

“The book, Tell me about sex, Grandma. —Abby Kass, Editorial Assistant at Fit Pregnancy

“A blow-up shark (that I named Fin), who now sits next to my desk.” —Trevor Williams, Designer at Women’s Health


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