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What You Need to Know About Creating a Smart Writer’s Bio

By Katherine Louie At some point in your writing career, you will have to create a writer’s bio—whether it’s for your own website or for a site you contribute to regularly. Developing a great bio is the first step in cementing your credibility and gaining a reputation as someone to be trusted in the industry. It will also help you stand out among the hundreds (let’s be real, thousands) of other freelancers in your city. Below, five handy tips to help you develop a kick-ass bio that will help you stand out.

DO include pertinent information about your education and experiences

A good way to build your credibility is through provable facts such as where you earned your degree or where you’ve been published. If you’re right out of college, you might want to include relevant coursework or research you’ve had published in academic journals.

DON’T add extraneous details

There’s no need to go into great detail about your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. You don’t want to take up valuable space with information that your reader doesn’t really need (or care about). Save that information for a blog post.

DO keep the language simple

Make sure every sentence (and every word) is there for a reason. Now is not the time to use over-complicated or flowy language. You want your bio to be tight, focused, and concise.

DON’T write anything negative

Put a positive spin on anything negative. Didn’t finish school? Write about the classes you have taken and the relevant skills you’ve learned in those classes.

DO end with something unique

The last sentence in your bio is where you can include a few of your hobbies or a unique skill that you have. For example: “When she’s not reading or writing, Jane can be found trying new restaurants throughout the city and gushing about her ragdoll cat.”

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