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Editor Tips for Dressing When It’s Too Cold Outside And Too Hot Inside

By Yerin Kim

Who has the energy to put together an outfit when it’s so cold?! Though your media job might invite a more relaxed dress code than an average corporate office, you still don’t want to show up to work bundled in a hoodie or comfy sweatpants. And as if dressing creatively for work isn’t difficult enough, many offices also crank up the heat, meaning your adorable wool sweater (perfect for a frigid walk from the subway) means you’re sweltering before you even make it to lunch. To get you out of your mid-winter style rut, we asked some fashionable working women for their tips on staying warm and cute in dysfunctional weather.

Layer your pieces strategically

“Work with professional-looking pieces that can be layered easily,” says Nikki Ogunnaike, Fashion Features Director at “On top, that means a blazer, cashmere or wool crewneck sweater, and short sleeve shirt worn with jeans or trousers. That way I can take off or add on items of clothing as the temperature fluctuates throughout the day.”

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Pick up multiple basic layering pieces to help you create more outfit combos. “The last few winters I’ve stocked up on Uniqlo’s black HeatTech turtlenecks and it’s been a game changer,” says Jennifer Ferrise, Senior Editor at InStyle. “They’re lightweight, but super insulating, and made with argan oil to help retain moisture. I wear mine under floral dresses with fleece-lined tights, or on its own tucked into a high-waisted pair of jeans with ankle boots.”

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Dig out your warm weather faves

“I love pairing my sweaters with dresses,” says Kayla Isaacs, Snapchat Discover Production Assistant at Refinery29. “I like to do an extra-large, baggy sweater over a breezy dress, or a snugger fit knit or long sleeve top under a minidress. Comfy, chic, and it’s a way to use my whole wardrobe, including my summer staples—a win-win solution to getting dressed in the winter.”

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Remember: You can remove accessories! 

“In the winter, warm accessories are essential,” says Eliza Weinreb, Editorial Production and Marketing Coordinator at V. “Layer up with gloves, a hat or earmuffs, and a scarf to fight frigid outside temperatures, then remove when you reach the office.” Your killer outfit may be bundled up under all those layers, but who cares what you look like on your commute, anyways?

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