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The Essentials to Keep At Your Desk to Ace That Pop-Up Meeting

By Kristin Granero

While many media companies (especially startups) are leaning toward a more casual (ahem, creative) work environment, there is still something to be said for keeping up appearances in the office, especially if you’re going to be interacting with higher ups and visitors with whom you’ll want to leave a lasting impression.

To ensure you don’t miss out on that last-minute celeb interview or one-on-one with the editor-in-chief, we’ve rounded up some easy, potentially career-saving, essentials to keep at your desk.

Read on for everything you need to polish up in a pinch.

  1. Pacifica Purify Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes

These 100 percent vegan wipes from Pacifica are ideal for freshening up at the office or on the go, especially if you’re walking to work or commuting to external meetings, when you’re sure to work up a sweat. The brand also offers a version dedicated to underarm deodorizing if you want to be extra sure.

Buy it: Pacifica Purify Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes, $6 at

  1. Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Wipes

No manicure? No problem, thanks to these super easy to use nail polish remover wipes from Cutex. Just a few swipes and chipped lacquer is gone without any mess. The scent is subtle enough that you might be able to get away with doing this under your desk if you can’t get to the bathroom.

Buy it: Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Wipes, $3.99 at

  1. Sephora Favorites Chic It Easy Set

Once you’ve wiped the slate clean, take your look a step further with this sampler from Sephora. It includes everything you need for making a big impact, including nail polish, matching lipstick, and tinted moisturizer with SPF. It also features dry shampoo for reviving oily or lifeless strands.

Buy it: Sephora Favorites Chic It Easy Set, $49 at

  1. Goody 3-Count Basic Autoclasp

For days when dry shampoo doesn’t completely cut it (or for meetings where you want to look especially posh), scoop up these barrettes from Goody. This set includes black and tortoise options for mixing it up.

Buy it: Goody 3-Count Basic Autoclasp, $3.99 at

  1. Colgate Wisp Max Fresh Peppermint Mini-Brushes

There’s nothing like leading a meeting with killer confidence, only to then see a mirror and realize you had something in your teeth the whole time. Enter these sleek brushes from Colgate. They don’t require toothpaste or water so you can use them anywhere (though we suggest you still try to do so behind closed doors). 

Buy it: Colgate Wisp Max Fresh Peppermint Mini-Brushes, $4.79 at

  1. Banana Republic Madison 12-Hour Pump

If you’d prefer to wear flats or even sandals for a comfortable commute to or around the office, stash these classic, go-with-anything pumps at your desk for moments where you need to step it up.

Buy it: Banana Republic Madison 12-Hour Pump, $128 at

  1. Liz Claiborne Sleeveless Sheath Dress

Just like the shoes described above, this dress is subtle enough for every day, yet sophisticated enough for last-minute occasions that may arise, like an editorial meeting right after you spill your morning coffee all over your white pants.

Buy it: Liz Claiborne Sleeveless Sheath Dress, $26.99 at

  1. Madewell The East-West Transport Tote

As the name suggests, this Madewell tote is perfect for transporting all of your professional needs. While there’s a good chance you’ll want to use it every day, you an also stash it for that important meeting across town (and to keep all of the other goods listed here in one, easy-to-grab place).

Buy it: Madewell The East-West Transport Tote, $178 at

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