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These Responses to #MyEd2010Story Are Making Ed So Happy

By Shaye DiPasquale

Over the years, Ed2010 has helped countless content creators with their dream jobs in media. To honor hitting the year 2020 (no, we aren’t changing our name!), we asked former whippersnappers via the hashtag #MyEd2010 story, How has Ed2010 shaped your career? Here are the responses we’ve received so far. Ed’s totally tearing up!

“I went to an Ed2010 networking event of Cosmopolitan editors when I was in college and I wanted to intern for the website! I met Brooke Shunatona there and spent the summer interning for her! So glad I went to the event .” —Austen Tosone, Beauty Content Director at Jumprope

“My first editorial internship was with AARP magazine and I found the ad on Ed2010! Ended up working there my sophomore and junior year and gained so much experience about print journalism long before I even knew I wanted to go into journalism professionally. So thankful for all Ed2010 has given me over the years!” — Jamé Jackson, Senior Beauty Editor at Verizon Media

“Not only did I find my first job through Ed, but I also found a forever mentor through the Buddy System. I was paired with a now-former copy editor at Cosmo, and she’s been such a huge help in guiding me through my editorial career. Ed’s been my top career resource since I was in college, and it was here that I discovered I can use my editorial skills outside of the magazine world. This brings me to my current role at Amazon in their Global HR Department. I’ve learned to harness my data and analytical skills, which I’ve learned from Ed is a hell of a skill set to have. I don’t know where I’d be without Ed’s constant guidance throughout my college and professional career.” — Ally Meyerowitz, Assistant Editor at Amazon

“I went to a Junior Editor Happy Hour and became fast friends with Audie Lauf, my #mediapartnerincrime. Thankful for Ed2010 for sparking the friendship!” — Kendall Becker, co-founder and fashion director of It’s Of The Moment, co-host of “the real take” podcast

“Fun fact: I found my first magazine internship (beauty intern at Good Housekeeping with fantastic boss, April Franzino on” — Alana Peden, deputy editor at STYLECASTER

“I found my first job out of college as an EA at Bauer Media where I stayed for nearly two years, thanks to a listing I stumbled upon on Ed. I only had to interview there once in order to land the role, and it was an incredible experience that I’ll never forget. I learned all of my core industry journalism experience at Bauer that I can take with me for the rest of my life. Had I not used Ed, I would have never landed my dream job right out of college.”  — name withheld

“I snagged my first editorial internship with beauty/culture website, Lovelyish (powered by Xanga) in 2011 from Ed2010. Talk about a throwback! It opened the door for more opportunities! Forever grateful.” — Brittany Shawnté, freelance writer

“I got so many of my internships through Ed2010, including my Bustle internship!”—Hannah Frazier Caldwell, Senior Social editor at Bustle

“During my internship at Seventeen Magazine I was introduced to by my editor Sunny Sea Gold. That led to an amazing internship at Teen People 15 years ago, and I have had an amazing freelance journalism career ever since. Thanks Ed2010 for the job leads, edit test class, and happy hours over the years. Here’s to 20 more years of making editorial dreams come true!” — Lauren Mack, freelance journalist



Thank you all for helping us spread a little bit of #CareerKarma! We are still collecting your stories! Share your story on social media using the hashtag, #MyEd2010Story and/or send an email to [email protected] with the subject line: “Sharing #MyEd2010Story.”

Shaye DiPasquale is the executive assistant and lead writer at Talent Fairy. She is also a freelance writer, social media manager, and content creator. She recently graduated from Elizabethtown College, where she studied Mass Communications and Women & Gender Studies.  Her writing has appeared on Her Campus, HelloFlo, Her Culture, Substream Magazine, The Owl and more. She is also the founder of createHER Collective, a community for young changemakers and creators to collaborate on initiatives through creative exchange. Check out more of her work at


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