Next Stop: Your Magazine Dream Job

How the Staff at Ed2010 Landed Their First Big Internships

By Kelsey Mulvey

Not to totally freak you out, but if you’re looking for a summer internship, it’s officially crunch time. We know, submitting application after application is daunting — especially when you realize thousands of people are vying for the same position. Ugh.

The good news is hope is not lost. Landing your dream internship can be as easy as sending a cold email, checking out Ed’s Whisper Jobs (#ShamelessPlug) or networking. Below, the Ed2010 staff shares the creative ways they landed their first big internships:

“I got my first big internship from a cold email! “

“A friend from school mentioned enjoying a previous internship at Elle, so I asked for his boss’ email, attached my resume to a shot-in-the-dark cover letter and crossed my fingers. I had a phone interview about a week later — and was offered the gig a week after that! I think I actually fell on the floor from the shock of it working out.” — Riyana Straetker, assistant editor at Parents

“I perused Ed’s Whisper Jobs”

“Ed2010 has been a full-circle experience for me. I landed my first big internship at Hamptons and Gotham through its  ‘Whisper Jobs’ section. To round it out, I just accepted a new full-time job that I applied to through ‘Whisper Jobs.’ Thanks, Ed!” — Lauren Saxe, social media assistant at Health magazine

“I learned about Ed2010 during my freshman year in college and would scour the ‘Whisper Jobs’ every single day! That’s when I learned about, a now-defunct fashion and beauty publication. It was my first introduction to writing for a publication as well as honing an editorial voice. My next ‘big girl’ internship came at AARP, which I also found through Ed2010! Without “Whisper Jobs,” I don’t know if I would’ve had these opportunities that helped me out post-college” — Jamé Jackson, style and beauty influencer

“I organized networking trips for my Ed on Campus chapter”

“I was really involved in my alma mater’s Ed on Campus chapter (go, BU!), and one of my favorite responsibilities was planning a New York networking trip for our members and the rest of the executive board. We visited a few editors at Time Out New York during my sophomore year, so when it was time to apply for summer internships a few months later, I was able to write a really detailed cover letter. My supervisor later said she rarely hired sophomore applicants, so I’d like to think my cover letter gave me a competitive edge.” — Kelsey Mulvey, freelance writer and editor 

“I networked!”

“I started Indiana University’s Ed on Campus chapter, and when Chandra Turner (Ed2010 founder and IU alum!) visited campus for a networking event, I weaseled my way into sitting next to her and asking her all of my over-eager questions. After our meeting, I emailed her asking about internship opportunities at Parents, where she was the executive editor at the time. She offered me a phone interview for a spring semester internship, then offered me an internship on our phone call! I immediately accepted, dropped all of my spring semester classes and started at Parents a couple months later.” — Allison Berry, branded content editor at Bustle Digital Group

“Believe it or not, I Googled my way to my internship”

“Google search became my best friend the winter of my junior year. Late one night during a routine internship search, I randomly came across the ASME Magazine Internship application — with the deadline a few days away — and knew I had to have that internship. I was accepted into the program a few months later and placed with Parents magazine. I am so grateful that 1 a.m. google search brought me to ASME!” — Amari Pollard, Social Media Editor at the Week

Kelsey Mulvey is a New York-based writer and editor. She has written for several publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Time Out New York,, Business Insider, Taste of Home, and Check out more of her work at and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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