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Ed2010 has been connecting people to jobs in editorial and content for more than 20 years. We can help you find the right talent to build your content teams. Post on our award-winning job board, advertise in our weekly newsletter, and connect with our diverse community of editors, writers, and other content creators across social media and our NYC networking events

Why Our Clients Love Ed2010  

  • We are the only job posting board that specializes in editorial and content roles.   
  • Our reputation: We have been a thought-leader and advocate for editorial talent at all levels for more than 20 years. 
  • We celebrate and advocate for POC talent in media.
  • We do not partner with aggregators. (Read: no dental hygienists applying to your editorial director role.)
  • Media and content job seekers love us, trust us, and rely on us for career advice, inspiration, and opportunities. (Read testimonials.)

Just a few companies that have worked with us.  


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“I got such a great response from [my] last post — your board really is the best!” — J.N., hiring manager


“I wanted to take a moment to say how grateful I am for Ed2010. I got my first internship at Glamour through Whisper Jobs. Now, as a managing editor, I’m constantly hiring. Every time I post a listing I get amazing candidates without all of the nonsense ones. Thank you for making the hiring process so much easier and fun.” — A.L., hiring manager


 “I got 30 legit qualified candidates in a couple of days.” — S.E., hiring manager

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I have spent my 20+ year career leading teams at the country’s top media companies and providing candidate referrals to countless others, earning my nickname as the industry’s “fairy godmother.” Through Talent Fairy, I now connect hiring managers to talent in all content areas. Let me find candidates who are the right fit for your brand— so you can get back to your day job! — Chandra Turner, Founder & CEO, Ed2010 and The Talent Fairy 

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Chandra Turner, founder & CEO, Ed2010 and The Talent Fairy

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