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6 Things to Know About Working at Bustle

By Bianca Mendez

It happened again! Ed threw another one of his famous networking  happy hours, but this time, he got his pals over at Bustle and their sister site, Romper, in on the fun.

During the event, which was held in Madison Square Tavern whippersnappers mingled with the featured Bustle editors: Emily Shire, politics editor, Cristina Arreola, books editor, Samantha Rullo, T.V. editor, Michelle Toglia, sex/relationships editor, Kara McGrath, senior fashion/beauty editor, Bianca Consunji, video director, Jackie Bernstein, deputy branded content editor, Melissa Mills, app editor, Hannah Caldwell, Bustle’s associate social media editor, Suzanne Samin, Romper’s social media editor, Alexandra Finkel, hiring & recruiting Director, Allison Berry, Romper’s associate branded content editor, and Katie Cropper Klein, lead animator for video. That’s a whole lot of girl power right there!

Throughout the night, the Ed overheard a few juicy secrets spilled from the Bustle staff that he couldn’t help report on. Get the scoop on one of the buzziest sites in the web space.

On the Birth of Bustle was founded by a team of editors who understood how hard it was for a whippersnapper to break into media. “When I was in journalism school and afterwards, I felt like getting into this media industry was really hard,” says Alexandra Finkel, hiring & recruiting director and one of Bustle’s founding editors . “A lot of time is about the connections that you have and being in New York, and not everyone has access to that.”  So, they launched Bustle as a place for women them to start their career. “We really wanted to create a site that service a platform for young women to write about what they loved,” says Finkel.

On the Bustle Team: These team members work hard and play hard! They have a really good sense of teamwork. “I’ve been in brainstorms where you take the smallest topic or idea and eight different editors somehow turn it into 50 ideas for really cool and engaging articles,” says Samantha Rullo, T.V. editor.

On Work Culture: While the Bustle staff is know for working hard, they also play hard. “Most of our parties are cheese-themed. I don’t know why — they just really love dairy and wine!” video director, Bianca Consunji, jokes. Also, Bustle has a stuffed uterus (yes, you read that correctly) named Pinkie, who’s always popping up in different corners of the office, dishes Jackie Bernstein, deputy branded content editor.

On Their Secret Party Committee: According to an anonymous staff member, Bustle has their own party committee where they plan themed events for the team such as their “Back-to-School 90s Edition” one that featured trivia games and relay races. What fun!

On What They Look For in an Employee: “Enthusiasm and interest in the Bustle brand,” says Finkel. Hear that whippersnappers? Bustle thrives on strong writers who are passionate in what they write about whether it’d be your favorite T.V. show or an issue that speaks to your heart. “We love hiring writers who have a distinguishable personalities, says Finkel. Also, creativity goes a long way. “If you have ideas that are so out of the box, that puts you at the top of the pile,” Finkel adds.

On the Heart of the Bustle Brand: Bustle is a rare force in the media industry. They pride themselves over their female positive environment, their willingness to let women contribute their own passions and their close-knit team. “What Bustle tries to do gives you another opportunity to get your foot in the door,” shares Bernstein. “I really enjoy how female empowerment it is,” adds Klein. ”Everyone’s voice gets heard pretty equally. “It’s very passionate. Everything we produce comes from people’s hearts.”

One Final Fun Fact: Bustle is always looking for new talent! In fact, 75 percent of junior editorial roles came from their writing and intern staff, says Finkel. You can check out their list of job openings here.

Bianca Mendez is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer who has contributed to Refinery29, and other publications. Her perfect day in NYC consists of trying the latest fitness class followed by a night of wining and dining. Check out more of her work at, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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