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Lost your path? Take a sigh of relief, because you’ve just found your career compass. For more than 20 years, Ed2010 has been advising media professionals on how to build successful careers in media. Founder and CEO Chandra Turner harnesses her years coaching creative people like you and her own career as a digital entrepreneur, editor, and media executive to help you define (or redefine) your career path. See services below and read how she’s helped folks just like you.  psst! Are you a recent grad? Check our programs and services just for you at a reduced rate!

Package #1: Makeover Your Resume 

Feel like your resume is stuck in 2010? That it doesn’t have the keywords (or right words) that media brands, content agencies, or the corporate world is looking for? I can help you frame your media and content experience so it’s attractive to hiring managers and recruiters in and outside of media for the specific roles you are applying to. (Don’t know what roles those are yet? See package #2 below!). I can tell you what needs to be highlighted more, what you can gloss over, and what you can cut entirely without it looking like a “gap.” I’ll also advise on how to optimize your resume so it’s ATS / bot-friendly from a keyword and format standpoint. The way it works: You’ll send me your resume as a Google doc (or a doc file) and I’ll provide detailed notes on how to better frame your experience and skills. I’ll also throw in a dos and dont’s guide and an easy-to-implement design template so you can present your experience in a format that is hiring-manager friendly. (Note that I can provide this same service for Linked In profiles. But most people start with their resume and then use that to inform their Linked Ins.) This package involves one round of edits by me and one follow up review to make sure you are on the right track. /$250.  Email and I’ll send you a link to pay.

“The best advice I have received yet for my resume.”

“Thank you so much, I have trouble when I feel lost for directions, but your notes were so great it cleared up my mind.”

“Wow! Thank you so much. This is very helpful.”

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Package #2: Get Unstuck From Your Rut 

With this starter package, I will help you define your career direction so you are focused and efficient in your job search and a stronger candidate for employers. This package includes 3 hours of coaching/editing (including a resume makeover if time allows). It’s perfect for someone who needs help redefining their career or pivoting to an adjacent one, such as leaving traditional or digital media to work for a brand, content agency, or in corporate marketing/communications. We will work together to define your unique and marketable skillsets, the roles that you are qualified for (inside and outside of media), and how to frame your messaging to reflect your new career direction. I’ll also help you focus your job search so you land someplace that feels right without going crazy in the process.  /$549 ($51 off full price). Schedule by emailing

“Absolutely loved working with Chandra. She was easy to talk to, has great insight into the industry, helped me redo my resume to accurately show my experience, and had great interview feedback. Highly recommend!” — writer and coaching client, winter 2020

“Chandra is the no-b.s. talent fairy. She has a knack for identifying your strengths and weaknesses within the first hour of meeting you and giving honest feedback. More importantly, she takes the time to listen to your concerns and needs and she won’t send you on a career path without offering helpful insight and resources.” — editor and coaching client, summer 2019

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Package #3: Career Therapy   

Created by popular demand from my coaching clients (and recruiting candidates who end up as de facto coaching clients!), this package allows you to have me “on call” during your job search process via phone, email, or video call when you need it (and in person where relevant/necessary). This package is all about providing mental and emotional support as you navigate the roller coaster of the search process, from confidence-boosts (“YES! You are qualified for that position!”), gut-checks (“Should I follow up now? Or next week?”), and tough love (“Let. It. Go!”). Plus how to handle hiring manager or HR awkwardness, salary negotiation, and anything else that stresses you out from application to final offer. Basically you’ll have the Talent Fairy on call during your most stressful career moments via email, text, or quickie phone chats to give you the boost you need when you need it. Also happy to provide personal contacts, connections, and job tips when relevant and available. /$249/month or $539 for 3 months for unlimited text and email support. Live phone talks cap at 30 min per month. Start by emailing and noting you’d like to sign up for career therapy for 1 or three months.  

“Over the course of a particularly demanding job application process, Chandra gave me such insightful guidance and non-stop support—she became the work cheerleader I never knew I desperately needed! Chandra has helped me work through what the next stage in my career should be (a challenge for a former magazine editor these days!). She has encouraged me to pursue a path I’ve dreamed of, and discouraged me from seeking opportunities that are not worth my time.  Always candid and positive, she effortlessly makes connections and doles out advice–with a healthy dose of skepticism which is much appreciated. Hire HER!” — C.T., content strategist, fall 2019

Package #4: Make Your Pivot  

This package includes 5 hours of coaching/personal branding editing/career therapy. This service is right for you if you have spent your career working mostly in traditional media and you are looking to make a move to a new or adjacent industry, such as digital journalism, content marketing, branded content, and corporate or nonprofit communications. I will help you identify your strengths and transferrable skills, identify new roles, target potential employers, tailor and optimize your resume and other messaging (portfolio, Linked In, cover letters, LOIs, etc), and guide you on the path to your next fulfilling career. Think of it as a combo of package #1 and #2 above with lots of career therapy woven in! /$879 ($121 off full price). Schedule by emailing

“Chandra’s an expert coach with contagious enthusiasm whose work on my resume helped clarify my background and my goals, and whose edit on a cover letter I’m convinced got me an interview.” — R.B., managing editor, summer 2019

“Chandra’s experience in the magazine industry and with the new direction media has taken was exactly the kind of expertise and background I was looking for, and she’s helped me find new ways to approach what I’m trying to do with my career transition. And her huge network of contacts has also been invaluable.” — coaching client, fall 2019

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Ala Carte: Mix & Match

Let’s create a package that works best for you. I can combine any of the below services (or above packages) to give you exactly what you need to feel confident in your job search and career path.

RESUMES see Package #1 above. COVER LETTERS & PERSONAL BRAND MESSAGING  I’ll work with you to make anything you say about yourself hit the right note with potential employers, such as a cover letter, LinkedIn profile graph, About Us, mission statement, proposal, edit test, etc. 1:1 COACHING We can work on defining (or redefining) your career direction, interviewing skills, personal brand messaging, and more.  CAREER THERAPY I’m on call to provide emotional support during your job search journey. See package #3 above for more details. Email to get started and a link to pay. Payment: Ala carte services are $200/hr with a 1 hour minimum.  

“When you get to senior status as a writer but still want feedback/guidance, what’s needed is a seasoned professional. Chandra provides writers with precisely that, which is rare to find in a coach these days! Her expertise gets to the crux of your issue and solves it. Plus, her editing skills are invaluable. I would hire her again in a heartbeat and highly recommend her no matter what stage you’re at in this industry.” — F.N., Senior Copywriter, March 2020


Are you a recent grad? See this page just for you with discounted rates.

Looking forward to connecting and helping you find a job, and a career, you love.

xoxo, Chandra

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