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You’ve found your career compass! Cheesy? Yes, but for the record, I’m a not a woo-woo career coach. I’m here to help you find a new job you love or thrive in the one you’ve got. I know that straight-talk and tough love can be just as productive as the cheerleading that us media folk need right now. See packages below and read testimonials from folks I’ve helped over the 20+ years I’ve been coaching and supporting the editorial community. xo, Chandra

Recent grads: I provide programs and services at a reduced rate just for you.

Coaching Services

Resume editing and optimization • Linked In editing and optimization • Cover letter strategy and editing • Proposal/LOI/pitch letter strategy and editing • Mock interviewing / interview skill-building • Personal branding (building your “story”) • Mastering your pitch / “story” talking points • Identifying transferable skills and prospective roles • Deciphering job descriptions and eligibility • Networking strategy • Edit test strategy and feedback • Determining competitive compensation / negotiating salary and benefits • Executive Coaching • Management training • Reorganization / Hiring Strategy • Feedback and editing of any proposed or published editorial or nonfiction writing • and more, just ask!

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1:1 Executive Coaching  

It’s not easy being the boss. It’s also not easy managing creative people, especially in this new world where you can’t chat IRL. Content teams are smaller, jobs are bigger, and as a manager, you’re expected to not only produce high-calibre content, but also make sure it meets corporate’s KPIs. It can also be quite lonely when your own boss is too busy to help you sort through the dynamics of managing a creative team and the conflicting goals and expectations placed on content creators right now. As a former executive editor and content marketing agency head myself, I know what it’s like. I now coach EICs in print and digital, VPs and directors in content marketing, and other content leads to provide you with strategies for dealing with leadership and corporate challenges as well as how to bring out the best in your own team. I’ve helped countless content leaders work through seemingly impossible situations, such as mergers, new leadership, budget cuts, reorganization plans, rebranding, and more. Let’s talk; I offer a free half hour consultation call./$250/hour or 4 sessions for $875. Email

“[Chandra] is my editorial therapist!”  — S.C., content lead, pharma agency, fall 2020

“Chandra gave me such insightful guidance and non-stop support—she became the work cheerleader I never knew I desperately needed! Always candid and positive, she effortlessly makes connections and doles out advice–with a healthy dose of skepticism which is much appreciated. Hire HER!” — C.T., contenting marketing lead, fall 2019

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Package #1: Freshen Up Your Resume 

Feel like your resume is stuck in 2010? That it doesn’t have the keywords (or right words) that media brands, content agencies, or the corporate world is looking for? I will help you frame your media and content experience so it’s attractive to hiring managers and recruiters in and outside of media for the specific roles you are applying to. (Don’t know what roles those are yet? See package #2 below!). I’ll provide you with a new design template and optimize your resume so it’s ATS / bot-friendly from a keyword and layout standpoint. This package involves one round of edits by me (either live on a call or via Google docs) and one follow up review to make sure you are on the right track. /$350. Email  for a link to pay.

“[Chandra’s] detailed notes, the ability to consolidate years of experience on my resume into something digestible and exciting [got] me excited about the next phase of my career and putting myself out there.”  

“The best advice I have received yet for my resume.”

“I think I was stopping myself from going after many opportunities because of my resume, and therefore my messaging and talking points were all over the place. I didn’t know how to describe my career, my skills, and my future. Having Chandra’s “magic touch” on my resume has changed that mindset and I’ve not been this excited to put myself out there in a long time.” 

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Package #2: Get Unstuck From Your Rut 

With this starter package, I will help you re-define your personal brand messaging so you can be focused and efficient in your job search and a stronger candidate for employers. This package includes 3 hours of coaching/editing which folks often choose to break into one hour of 1:1 coaching (via phone or video chat) to solidify your job-search focus and two hours of editing your messaging (resume, Linked In, portfolio site, and/or cover letter). It’s right for you if know your future path, but just need help articulating your editorial skills to get there (i.e., from editor to manager/director) or to an adjacent career, such as content marketing/strategy, digital or social media, or corporate marketing/branding/communications. /$549 ($51 off full price). Schedule by emailing Note: If you need more 1:1 coaching to define your career direction, you can add 1 hour to this package for $175 ($25 off my regular hourly rate). Or consider coaching package #3. 

“Absolutely loved working with Chandra. She was easy to talk to, has great insight into the industry, helped me redo my resume to accurately show my experience, and had great interview feedback. Highly recommend!” — freelance writer, winter 2020

“Chandra helped me navigate the next steps of my career during one of the most uncertain and competitive job markets we’ve ever seen. Not only was she able to help me figure out what I wanted to do next, but she gave me invaluable advice on telling my story and communicating my strengths and value. With Chandra’s help I was able to land an interview at a dream company and she’s been so helpful every step of the way. If you’re working in media and need help navigating your career — hiring Chandra is one of the smartest moves you can make!” – M.L., health writer/editor, August 2020

“Chandra’s an expert coach with contagious enthusiasm whose work on my resume helped clarify my background and my goals, and whose edit on a cover letter I’m convinced got me an interview.” — R.B., managing editor, summer 2019

“Chandra’s fresh perspective and proven expertise were invaluable in helping me assess my job skills and reboot my resume and LinkedIn profile. Her unique blend of support, humor, sage advice and encouragement were exactly what I needed.” — J.B., business and legal writer


Best Value

Package #3: Jumpstart Your (New) Career  

You CAN find a job that you love using all the skills you learned as an editor or writer. You just need to know how to spin that skillset, baby! This package includes 5 hours of coaching and editing of your personal brand messaging. It’s right for you if you have worked in content creation most of your career, but now feel like you need to shake yourself off and start fresh — either to a new role in content, pivoting to content marketing/branding/mar-comm, or a new media platform. This package provides all the personal brand messaging work of Package #2 above (resume, Linked In, etc.) with the 1:1 coaching you need to define your unique transferrable skills; discover the roles (and job titles) you’re best qualified for (in and out of media); and target the right employers/clients so you can get on the path to your next fulfilling career. /$879 ($121 off full price). Schedule by emailing Note: I’m happy to split this payment into 2 parts — just ask.

“Chandra’s experience in the magazine industry and with the new direction media has taken was exactly the kind of expertise and background I was looking for, and she’s helped me find new ways to approach what I’m trying to do with my career transition. And her huge network of contacts has also been invaluable.” — editor, fall 2019

“Chandra is the no-b.s. talent fairy. She has a knack for identifying your strengths and weaknesses within the first hour of meeting you and giving honest feedback. More importantly, she takes the time to listen to your concerns and needs and she won’t send you on a career path without offering helpful insight and resources.” — editor, summer 2019

 Read more testimonials.

Package #4: Career Therapy

Created to meet client demand as a follow-up package to #2 and #3 above, this package is most like a traditional career coach or life coach experience. It’s right for you if your resume and other messaging is already in good shape, and you’re looking for expert guidance as you navigate the job search process. I will keep you accountable, focused, and confident in your new career direction while helping you manage the job-hunt roller coaster. I can review cover letters and applications, advise on edit tests — and be on call with quick assessments (“YES! You are qualified for that!”),  gut-checks (“Follow up next week”), and tough love (“Let. It. Go!”). And when you have to deal with HR awkwardness, edit tests, salary negotiation, and any other sticky situation else, I’m here, too. Also happy to provide personal contacts, connections, and relevant openings when relevant and available. Payment options vary based on your needs:

60 min weekly check-in (4 calls per month) + email support / $800/month  

30 min weekly check-in call (4 per month) + email support / $369/month  

30 min bi-monthly check-in call (2 per month) + email support / $189/month 

No calls, only email support / $89/month or 3 months for $249

Note: Email support includes concise questions about your job hunt and quick reviews of cover letters, LOIs, proposals, etc. For detailed line edits and rewrites, I advise purchasing one of my ala carte services below or discussing during one of our calls.


Outside of the special packages above, my rates range from $200-250/hour with a 1 hour minimum. Payment is due upfront via PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle. (I invoice for executive coaching only). Email me to schedule your first session and I will send you a link to pay. 

Recent grads: This page is just for you with discounted rates.

Can’t find what you’re looking for in any package above? 

I can help you decide. Email me to set up a 15 min complementary info call. Looking forward to connecting and helping you find a job, and a career, you love. xoxo, Chandra  


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