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From Ed’s Guest Blogger: 5 Shoes You Can Actually Wear To Work

By Anneke Knot

Just about every young female professional in Manhattan dreams of strutting down New York City streets in patent leather Louboutins or Manolos. Fabulously dressed and headed off to an equally fabulous job, a modern day Carrie Bradshaw in the making.

Unfortunately, this dream—along with many other aspects of Carrie’s life—are part of the long list of New York myths. Not only are Carrie’s shoes expensive, but they’re also overly optimistic. The truth is, when you’re walking down the streets of Manhattan, you’re more likely to see a pair of Stan Smiths than a pair of Manolos. That’s because people walk in this city. A lot.

As a self-diagnosed foot abuser, I am willing to put my feet through blisters, bleeding, and bruising for the right pair of shoes—but even I draw the line when it comes to work. At my job, I’m consistently running around, climbing up ladders, and pushing around clothing racks. I can’t afford to slow down because of lost circulation in my feet. (Trust me, it’s happened.)

Fortunately, fashion is always looking for a way to be more functional. I’ve rounded up five shoes you can wear to work that won’t break your feet or your bank account. Just in time for spring shopping!


1. Asos Loafer

The loafer trend is good news for professional women everywhere. This shoe is easy on the blisters and elevates any look you pair it with.


2. Forever 21 Mules

Mules are another big shoe trend this spring. Their block heel gives more support that a stiletto and their thick strap prevents blistering.


3. Who What Wear Slide Sandals
You read that right. Sandals. At work. (If that doesn’t sway you, I don’t know what will!)


4. Topshop Heeled Sandals
These fun sandals will fit any workplace—and your feet will thank you!


5. Sam Edelman Brandie Sandal
Who says that flats have to be boring? Find a flat in a fun color or print and add some fun to any office look.

Anneke Knot is a style blogger, writer and fashion assistant living in Manhattan. She got her start interning at Redbook magazine her senior year of college. She now is a fashion assistant at Hearst Women’s Lifestyle Hub which includes magazines like Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Good Housekeeping, Redbook, and Woman’s Day. If you want to track her literal every move, check out her Instagram @annekeknot or follow her blog Knot Couture.

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