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Inspirational Quotes Ed Loves From Female Magazine Icons

By Kristin Granero

Whether you’re having a rough day at work, or a tough time finding work to begin with, you can take some (if even just a little) comfort in knowing that there are plenty of bada** women who have been in your very shoes and managed to climb the ranks step-by-step.

While they entered publishing at different times, and during different landscapes (many before the internet was a thing; they were the original influencers), their powerful words still ring true today.

From the woman who spent more than three decades pushing the envelope at Cosmopolitan to the sunglass-clad inspiration behind Devil Wears Prada, read on for inspiration from some of publishing’s most influential female magazine editors of past and present.


Kristin Granero has 10 years of experience in journalism and digital media, having written for publications like Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Women’s Health and Teen Vogue, and managed social campaigns for TV networks like HBO. When she’s not exploring the latest industry trends or serving up tips for Ed, she’s searching for the latest and greatest guac in New York City.

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