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Enhance your storytelling experience and create deeper connections with your consumer. The Talent Fairy connects highly specialized editorially minded content creators  to move your business forward. We provide curated searches, development training, and career coaching services.

Why Talent Fairy? 

Talent Fairy is a speciality recruiting agency led by Chandra Turner, a media executive with more than 20 years of industry experience. She understands the editorial and media landscape and its creative talent unlike any other. 

      • Talent Fairy has unique access to editorially minded content creators via Ed2010, an award-winning mentoring and networking organization and job postings board that has been the go-to career site for media professionals since 1997. 
      • Talent Fairy has a deep database of high-quality editorially trained candidates across all platforms: digital, video, social, and print.
      • Talent Fairy understands the consumer lifestyle space. The content creators in our database have built audiences and brand loyalty for top brands in markets such as beauty, food, travel, fashion, beauty, health, wellness, travel, entertainment, parenting, and more.
      • Chandra has nearly 20 years of experience as a hiring manager herself building content teams at some of the country’s top media companies, including Hearst, Meredith, and Scholastic. 
      • Chandra’s referrals have filled countless editorial positions within magazines and digital journalism for decades, earning her the nickname as the industry’s “fairy godmother.” 

What Talent Fairy Can Do For You 

We take the time and struggle out of hiring. Finding a candidate who intuitively understands your audience, can serve as a brand ambassador, and has the skillset to create high-quality content can be a challenging position to fill. The job search process can take valuable hours away from your team and running your business. Talent Fairy makes this time-consuming process hands off for you. We can:

    • Write your job description to ensure you attract the right candidates, at the right level and expertise.  
    • Manage the entire application process from initial job posting to final offer and negotiations.  
    • Post your positions in Talent Fairy’s exclusive network and community. 
    • Vet applications from other posting boards, as needed. 
    • Pre-interview and vet candidates before they come to you.
    • Provide you with candidates who fit your company culture, “get” your audience and brand, and can drive your business forward.

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All Services


We hand-select editorially minded content creators to enhance our clients’ brand storytelling experience. We specialize in searches in the consumer lifestyle space (beauty, food, travel, fashion, health, wellness, travel, entertainment, parenting, and more) where it’s crucial that you connect with your customer on a deep and personal level. We take a thoughtful, curated approach to our searches, incorporating your company culture, voice, and mission so the person you bring onto your team is a perfect brand ambassador for your audience. Those roles can include but are not limited to:

Chief Content Officer • Editorial Director • Site Director • Editor in Chief • Creative Director • Content Strategist • Social Media Manager • UX Designer • Editorial Project Manager • Managing Editor • Copywriter • Copyeditor • Researcher • Blogger • Lead Storyteller

Training & Development

Many millennials working in media and leading digital content teams today have lacked the benefit of editorial mentors. They may be the only content creators in their companies (often the case with startups) or their managers are so busy with the churn of content that they don’t have time to mentor those below them. Ed2010 and Talent Fairy are joining forces to change that. We provide in-house editorial consulting, one-on-one training and group workshops for editorial team members in brand storytelling, story packaging, editorial strategy, creative team management, and more.

Career Coaching & Mentoring

Talent Fairy works with Ed2010 to provide personalized 1:1 career training for editorially minded content creators looking to break in, transition, and succeed in media and adjacent industries. Read testimonials and  learn more.

Let’s connect! I’m eager to hear about your unique staffing needs and how Talent Fairy can meet them. Email me for a complimentary chat so I can get to know you and understand your business. Then I’ll get started finding the perfect fit for your brand — and you can get back to your day job!

Cheers, Chandra Turner

Founder & CEO, Ed2010 and Talent Fairy


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