Next Stop: Your Magazine Dream Job

The Talent Fairy finds and develops creative talent so brands can tell their story, better.  We can match you with creative talent in your niche content area, train your current creative team, and help your creative leaders be stronger managers. The Talent Fairy also provides one-on-one career coaching and editorial training services. Read testimonials and get started with the services below.

Talent Recruitment

The Talent Fairy acts as a concierge by hand-selecting specialized high-quality writers, editors, designers, social media specialists, editorial project managers, and other creatives in your content area to meet your specific needs on a full-time or project basis. We can match you with expert creative talent in any content area: personal finance, food, fashion, beauty, health, wellness, lifestyle, education, you name it! Talent Fairy leverages the reach and resources of Ed2010 and Turner’s 20+ years of contacts in media to place blue-chip talent in digital and print publishing, branded content, video, social media, blogging, and more.  See services and rates.

Talent Training & Development

Many millennials working in media and leading digital content teams today have lacked the benefit of editorial mentors. They may be the only content creators in their companies (often the case with startups) or their managers are so busy with the churn of content that they don’t have time to mentor those below them.  Ed2010 and Talent Fairy are joining forces to change that. We provide in-house editorial consulting, one-on-one training and group workshops for editorial team members in brand storytelling, story packaging, editorial strategy, creative team management, and more. See services and rates.

Career Coaching

Talent Fairy works with Ed2010 to provide personalized 1:1 career training for creatives looking to break in, transition, and succeed in the media industry. Learn more.


Looking forward to working with you and your team.

Chandra Turner

Founder & CEO, Ed2010 and Talent Fairy




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