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You’re in the right place! Ed posts new magazine jobs every weekday. He gets tons of unpaid and paid magazine internship postings, temp, and freelance gigs as well as full-time paid positions with benefits (woot!). All postings are also tweeted once they go live on our job boards at So follow Ed to get a jump start on the best gigs!

Interns: Earn $1,200! Apply for Ed’s Trust Fund

Don’t have a trust fund? Ed’ll give you the cash! (Who’s your daddy now?) Ed’s gonna give awesome unpaid mag interns $1,200 to use for living, travel and whatever other expenses. Read the eligibility requirements and APPLY NOW!


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    Attention Unpaid Interns! Apply for
    Ed’s $1,200 Trust Fund!

    Job Applicants: Report Naughtiness!

    Ed wants to know if a company was misleading in its job posting in any way. Did you apply for an internship that said it was paid but it turned out it wasn’t? Did your internship promise bylines but all you did was fetch coffee? Let Ed know; he’ll keep your privacy and your identity a secret. But he doesn’t want other applicants to deal with shady companies either. Report any misuse to