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Looking for a magazine job?

You’re in the right place! Ed posts new magazine jobs every weekday. He gets tons of unpaid and paid magazine internship postings, temp, and freelance gigs as well as full-time paid positions with benefits (woot!). All postings are also tweeted once they go live on our job boards at So follow Ed to get a jump start on the best gigs!

All unpaid internship listings are here.
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Check out freelance/ temp, and full-time paid listings.

Want to post a job or paid internship?

Ed currently posts all temp, freelance, and full-time editorial staff and internship postings for magazines and content-based websites for free. (Yes, you heard that right. Free!) Note that all jobs must be purely editorial: Ed will not post marketing, advertising, or promotions positions and has the right to reject any posting he feels does not meet these requirements. All postings are also tweeted on Ed’s Twitter feed @Ed2010News once, also free of charge. (Ed has more than 18,000 followers!) Job listings will appear in their respective categories on this site (see above links). All postings are also live-fed onto our home page and throughout the site (see upper right). To submit a posting now for any kind of paid job (internship, temp, freelance, or full-time), click here.

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Want to post an unpaid internship?

Ed requires a small fee of $30 for each unpaid internship job posting. (A pretty good deal compared to other media job postings sites that start at $279 for this service!). As of February 1, 2014, Ed is categorizing any internship that pays less than NYC minimum wage ($8/hr) as unpaid.

These fees go directly into supporting Ed’s Trust Fund which provides $1,200 scholarships every semester to unpaid interns within the magazine industry. (To read more about the Trust Fund and to encourage your intern to apply, click here.) For no additional fee, Ed will also tweet your unpaid internship posting on Ed’s Twitter feed @Ed2010News. (Ed has more than 18,000 followers). To submit your unpaid magazine or website internship posting now and pay all in one step: click here.

EdsLoving_Spotlight_icon Go big, baby! For extra exposure, you can make your posting be Ed’s Spotlight job.

Whisper Jobs FAQ

Got questions? Before you email us, please read our FAQ; chances are we’ve answered it already.

Want to connect with the HR folks at the top magazine companies? We’ve got their email addresses.

Need A Resume Makeover?

Ed sees hundreds of resumes each year and sadly, most are very, very bad. Want yours to be awesome? If you’re a college student and a member of Ed on Campus, the service is free. If you’ve graduated or you’re not a member of EOC, Ed charges $50. Just email Ed and he’ll hook you up.

Are you an unpaid intern? Totally broke? Apply for Ed’s scholarship program, The Trust Fund.

Job Applicants: Report Naughtiness!

Ed wants to know if a company was misleading in its job posting in any way. Did you apply for an internship that said it was paid but it turned out it wasn’t? Did your internship promise bylines but all you did was fetch coffee? Let Ed know; he’ll keep your privacy and your identity a secret. But he doesn’t want other applicants to deal with shady companies either. Report any misuse to