Next Stop: Your Magazine Dream Job

Bianca Mendez


Growing up, Bianca had a serious magazine addiction. At one point, she had a year’s worth of Teen People magazines stacked in her room (until her mom made her threw them out). She discovered Ed during her summer going into senior year of high school after Googling, “How to make it into the magazine business.” In college, Ed  helped her score internships iVillage, Women’s Health, and, and eventually, landed her big break as a web producer at

3 things you need to know: 1. She’s a proud Brooklynite, and has lived in Bay Ridge her whole life. 2. She originally fell in love with magazines, but an internship at iVillage convinced her to stay on the web. 3. In college, she designed her sorority’s website and created its Twitter account, which is still going strong!

3 things you didn’t need to know: 1. She never leaves the house without at least four different shades of lipstick in her purse. 2. Her Netflix queue consists of Friends and How I Met Your Mother. 3. She loves avocados so much that she created a Pinterest board dedicated to them, and it’s now a featured board on the site.

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