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11 Nylon Magazine Covers We’ll Never Forget

By Heather Taylor On September 7th Nylon announced it is shuttering its print edition. While the news of any mag dying always hurts to hear, this one hit especially close to home.

I remember the day I first bought a copy of Nylon like it was yesterday. I always considered it to be one of the edgiest magazines on the market, making high fashion moody and approachable, and interviews with major stars down-to-earth and relatable. Plus, it had a crystal ball approach to recognizing and predicting the trends and talent we’d be talking about tomorrow. RIP to the print pub that pushed the envelope in so many ways. In lieu of pouring one out, let’s tear out and share some of their most iconic covers ever.

Fiona Apple | November 2005

I’m blown away that this cover was shot 12 years ago. Even though it’s billed as “the luxury issue,” everything about it is so minimalistic that it would easily be at home in a 2017 world. Nice touch on the apple outline drawn around Fiona’s name too.

Kirsten Dunst + Jason Schwartzman | October 2006

This cover is chock full of good things to love. We’ve got Dunst and Schwartzman as its stylish stars (then plugging Sofia Coppola’s film, Marie Antoinette), fashion advice from Jenny Lewis (brb, DYING), and the truly outstanding alliteration that is “taco stands! new bands!”

Lindsay Lohan | May 2007

“I say too much sometimes…” Don’t stop, LiLo, loyal readers NEED that tea!

Evan Rachel Wood | September 2007

Several times throughout its print run, Evan Rachel Wood took the stage as the mag’s cover star, bringing with her incredible new hairstyles and stories to share about the projects she was working on at the time. Wood turned 30 this month—and shared a letter she wrote about life lessons she learned from her twenties with Nylon.

Scarlett Johansson | July 2008

This was it—the very first Nylon issue I ever bought, to celebrate registering for my first semester’s worth of college courses. Naturally, it was the music issue that ensnared me with its bold colors and mile-long list of featured talent including new up-and-comers like Katy Perry. (!)

Zooey Deschanel | October 2008

Fun fact: “The It Girl issue” starring Zooey is the reason why I got bangs (and still have them today!).

Katy Perry | March 2010

Is there anything better than a mag coverline that says “wear what you want” and an article featuring 228 pages loaded with inspo for your closet? No, there is not. But the interview with KP from back in the days when she dressed like a strawberry comes close.

Kristen Stewart | September 2015

It’s fall fashion starring K-Stew in all her BAMF glory, along with some seriously clickbait (in a good way) coverlines. Crashing a UFO party? Neo-flapper fashion? Sign us uppppp.

Winona Ryder | September 2016

One of Nylon’s simplest covers in terms of colors and typography, and one that leaves a major impact on readers and passerbys alike. Winona and fashion forever.

Abbi Jacobson + Ilana Glazer | August 2017

All denim everything with our Broad City favs. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

Kirsten Dunst | September 2017

Closing out this listicle with the simplicity and edge that Nylon has long been known for—found in its blurred headlines, fall preview stories, and Dunst on the cover for their final fashion issue. Cheers, Nylon.

Heather Taylor is a former entertainment writer turned brand mascot aficionado (and head writer) for Advertising Week’s Icon Blog. She shares her thoughts on pop culture at HelloGiggles and has been published in Brit + Co, The Drum, and BettyConfidential. Chat with her about anything from SNL to the Pillsbury Doughboy on Twitter @howveryheather.

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