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6 Tricks to Try the Next Time You Have Writer’s Block

By Kristin Granero

Got a classic case of writer’s block? Before you let it get the best of you and throw in the towel all together, repeat after Ed: “I will get through this.” Feeling better? Good. Now try one of these tricks from editors and writers in the biz. (Spoiler: you may want to stock up on some notebooks!)

Try a Change of Scenery

“I either go for a walk or change locations. Sometimes being in a new environment helps me focus and collect my thoughts. If I can’t leave my desk, I may even Gchat a friend to bounce ideas off of and talk things out.” —Michelle Toglia, sex and relationships editor at

Leave Notepads in Unexpected Places

“Instead of trying to force an idea when I’m stumped, I step away from the computer to do other things. It’s crucial to keep a notepad handy since I never know when that brilliant idea will strike. For example, AquaNotes is ridiculously helpful to have in the shower as that’s where I do my best thinking and of course I have a notepad next to my bed and in my purse.” —Alexis Farah, freelance health and beauty writer

Watch Some Cat Videos (Really)

“I take a break and do something non-work related, like surfing Instagram and Pinterest and looking at cute photos of cats or delicious recipes I want to make. Since that’s pretty mindless, it helps to clear my thoughts and just relax for a bit before I get back to an assignment.” —Christina Heiser, senior associate editor at

Catch Up on Current Events

“My first step is to always read something completely unrelated when I have writer’s block, be it a novel or news – anything that isn’t health/wellness/beauty/wedding related! Reading keeps me in the same writing mindset, while the change in topic helps expand my horizons. If that fails, I hit the great outdoors! Connecting with nature has a way of making everything clearer!”—Alexis Wolfer, founder of and author of Radiant Bride

Give in to Some Reality TV

“I always tend to get writer’s block when the piece I’m working on is super important or reveals something really personal about myself, which makes total sense. In this case, I try to take a step back and remind myself that nothing I ever write is going to be life or death and the best thing I can do is take an hour to reset then get back to it.  Sometimes I even watch a little trashy TV to clear my mind!”—Jamie Stone,

Take a Break from the Screen

“I usually read things that are unrelated, but have writing I really respect. It gets me thinking about other topics and writing structures that are different from whatever I’ve been working on. I pretty much only write for web so, when I’m really in a rut, I grab a stack of magazines and read through those. I also chug some coffee and will try writing in a notebook to help my focus without worrying about emails popping up or spell check annoying me.”—Christine Flammia, assistant fashion editor at

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