Next Stop: Your Magazine Dream Job

These Podcasts Will Inspire Your Next Career Move

By Shaye DiPasquale

When you feel stuck in a rut it can be hard to shake yourself out of it. Start with a long walk and one of these podcasts coming through your earbuds. You just might find the inspiration you need for your next career pivot. 

Switch, Pivot, Or Quit With Ahyiana Angel

Consider this a reminder that you can accomplish more than one dream in your career. Host Ahyiana Angel successfully pivoted from a sports entertainment publicist to author. In Switch, Pivot, Or Quit, Ahyiana shares her personal experience with career change and interviews professional women to help listeners find clarity for improving their personal and professional lives. 

Must listen to episode: #221: Elaine Welteroth, the New York Times Bestselling Author On Being More Than Enough

In this episode, the former editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue gets real about life after her editorial career. Elaine Welteroth breaks down all the twists and turns in her career journey: from dreaming of working in magazines, to becoming a young EIC, and now focusing on her new titles as a New York Times Bestselling Author and a judge on the new Project Runway.

I Want Her Job

Have you ever lusted over the idea of a certain job, but had no idea how to go about attaining it? I Want Her Job is here to help. Brianne Perleberg founded the award-winning website I Want Her Job  in 2010 while she was looking to make a career leap from higher education to marketing. The podcast, hosted by Polina Selyutin, makes candid career conversations accessible for listeners during their commute.  In each episode, women with amazing jobs share the unfiltered truth about the reality of doing their jobs and offer advice for those aspiring to be like them.

Must listen to episode: Julie Kosin – Director of Audience Strategy + Entertainment at 

In this powerful conversation, Julie Kosin reveals how she broke into her industry and offers her insights for others who want to work in magazines. She also talks about the most exciting parts of the job: collaborating across brands with other Hearst magazines and interviewing notable celebrities. 

 Being Boss

This is the ultimate podcast for creatives, side-hustlers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. Being Boss co-hosts Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson are self-proclaimed “business besties” who share their combined expertise as creative business owners with their global audience. These ladies know first hand that working for yourself comes with a whole host of questions and problems rarely encountered in a 9 to 5 job. Every week, Shannon and Thompson offer up practical advice for anyone looking to launch a freelance career and transition into being their own boss. 

Must listen to episode: #133 // Launching Before You’re Ready with Merideth Vansant 

Kathleen and Emily chat with Merideth VanSant, founder of 405 Yoga and True U Girls, about quitting her corporate job to start a yoga studio and listening to clients to grow a business. Merideth reminds us all that it’s never too late to discover your true passion.

The Career Relaunch Podcast

Hearing other people’s stories about career change can be the perfect catalyst for the changes you want to see in your own life. Hosted by Joseph Liu, The Career Relaunch Podcast features interviews with people who have changed their careers mid-stream. It’s pretty inspiring to see how some of the guests broke out of their shell to launch new careers. If you are feeling stuck or stagnant in your career, this is the podcast for you.

Must listen to episode: # 60: Walking Away From Your Career With Kelly Price

Joseph is joined by guest Kelly Price, who left her corporate role to pursue work that more aligned with her values. The pair discuss the dangerous allure of the “golden handcuffs” and how chasing a better title can distract you from finding purposeful life work. 


The Happen to Your Career Podcast

The Happen to Your Career (HTYC) Podcast is perfect for anyone who knows they want to be doing something different, but can’t quite put their finger on what that something is. Hosted by Scott Anthony Barlow, the podcast seeks to help people identify their signature strengths and embark on meaningful career paths. With past experience as a business coach, HR professional, and owner of a contracting business, Barlow worked through his own career journey to discover his calling. Now he is sharing the stories of others who rejected the idea of settling and instead chose to transition their careers. 

Must listen to episode: You Might Be Standing In The Way of a Better Career

Guest Michal Balass, PhD reflects on her experience taking a job without stopping to consider what she really wanted out of her career. “Now looking back at it, I never really asked myself the questions of whether I wanted to do this,” she said.

 Ctrl Alt Delete With Emma Gannon

Emma Gannon is well-known for her multifaceted career, or “multi-hyphenate life” for those who have read her book, The Multi-Hyphen Method. She celebrates side hustles and the power that comes from having multiple interests. In her podcast Ctrl Alt Delete, Emma gives her audience the scoop on non-traditional career paths and life in a social-media world. The main takeaway from Ctrl Alt Delete: Being a jack of all trades is key to getting ahead in the modern working world. 

Must listen to episode: #210 Liz Ward: Do You Want To PIVOT?

Emma is joined by personal/business coach Liz Ward to lead a very real conversation about the difficulties of leaving a job and crafting a new career plan.  Liz pivoted her career in 2013 after a severe case of burnout. Discover her insider advice for entrepreneurs navigating their pivot journeys.

The Call with Erica Williams Simon

Ready to shake up your career but not sure how? The Call provides the nudge you need to take back the reins and start following your dreams. Former political strategist Erica Williams Simon hosts conversations with women who have answered their own call. If you are game to turn wishful thinking into a real career change, tune in and get empowered. 

Must listen to eposide: #025: Samhita Mukhopadhyay  

Writer and editor Samhita Mukhopadhyay discusses her stints at Feministing and Mic and her experience writing her own book. Her path to becoming the Executive Editor at Teen Vogue will offer some serious career inspiration.

Shaye DiPasquale is a freelance writer, social media manager and content creator. She recently graduated from Elizabethtown College, where she studied Mass Communications and Women & Gender Studies.  Her writing has appeared on Her Campus, HelloFlo, Her Culture, Substream Magazine, The Owl, NJMOM and more. She is also the founder of createHER Collective, a community for young changemakers and creators to collaborate on initiatives through creative exchange. Check out more of her work at!

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