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9 Media Industry Newsletters That’ll Keep You in the Loop  

By Emily Weaver 

How can you possibly keep up with all the news in the media world when you’re so busy creating content yourself? It ain’t easy that’s for sure. We assume you’re already getting Ed2010 and Talent Fairy’s bi-monthly newsletter, but here are nine others you should subscribe to if you’re an editor type. (Also good fodder for awkward networking event conversations and pre-interview elevator chats.)

Media Star  

The Media Star is the friend who you go for vape break with to get your gossip fix, even though you don’t smoke. The daily subscription aggregates all the tea in the media, entertainment, and media-tech from recent layoffs, rumored acquisitions, and other industry shenanigans with a focus on biggies like Facebook, Hearst, Conde, Netflix, Amazon, Viacom, CBS, and well, anyone else you love to hate or hate to love. 

Subscribe to Media Star here. Free.


Social Media Examiner 

Social Media Examiner’s free subscription is a game changer for improving your social media presence. It offers tips  to boost awareness, build your brand, improve ad performance, shares how to analyze group insights. Subscribers all receive an annual social media marketing industry report for free. 

Subscribe to Social Media Examiner here. Free.


CMO Today  

This Wall Street Journal newsletter offers marketing insights, trends, and analytics and breaks down the day’s top consumer marketing news. Recent newsletters include stories about how the influencer bubble is bursting, why CMO titles are declining, and how TikTok is taking over the world (or feels like it is anyway!). 

Subscribe to CMO Today here. This one costs $12 for 6 months. 


The Eight Hundred Monthly    

In 2016, two college girls made a pact to send each other 800 words a week–no rules or expectations attached except to keep writing. Now four years later, Elizabeth Moore,a  publisher’s assistant at Penguin Random House, and Ashton Ray, a University of Alabama grad student, have built a writing community built on the foundation to stop making excuses to write, and “do the thing.”

Subscribe to The Eight Hundred Monthly here.   


Media Intel 

For those readers old enough to remember Media Bistro’s Revolving Door, your replacement is here! PR guru Jaime Maser’s sporadic emails are basically a forward of the “I’m leaving” reply alls for editors, pr, and other comms folks in the beauty and lifestyle space so you can keep track of who is moving where, when.   

Subscribe to Media Intel here. This one costs $55/year.


The Moz Top 10 

Moz was one of the first blogs dedicated to teaching folks how to effectively use SEO to grow their business. Their bimonthly newsletter sends you what their expert SEO team considers the top 10 stories pertaining to SEO news — anywhere on the interwebs.

Subscribe to The Moz Top 10 here.  


The Freelancer’s Year  

Although she is an Australian based writer, Lindy Alexander’s The Freelancer’s Year is a must for all freelancers. Her weekly newsletter covers every topic and obstacle a freelancer might face: rejection, embarrassment, how to write a pitch, why you should be writing sponsored content, etc. Her candid practice  of including her monthly income sets her apart from other newsletters for freelancers. 

Subscribe to The Freelancer’s Year here.   

The Write Life  

While their website offers advice on pretty much anything related to writing, publishing, and marketing, the bimonthly newsletter provides tips and tricks specifically on freelancing and blogging. Subscribers can expect help on how to set a base rate salary and understanding how to pitch to a publication within your niche. Insiders will also be notified first when The Write Life offers new tools such as writing courses and sent a digital catalog explaining how to land your first paying client.

Subscribe to The Write Life here. 

Digiday Daily   

This one is ICYMI. A division of Digi Media, Digiday’s newsletter examines the interruption of technology among media and marketing giants and dedicates their stories to digital content, digital advertising, and digital marketing. You’ll come to get a grip on what programmatic is all about and stay for the juicy “Confessions” column where industry insiders spill what it’s really like to work in their corner of the biz. Like this one about how working as a permalancer is a scam.

Subscribe to Digiday Daily here.  


Emily Weaver is a freelance writer and POPSUGAR contributor where she writes about all the things ranging from dating and relationships to reality TV and mental health. She recently graduated from the University of Iowa where she studied Journalism & Mass Communication and Sport Studies. Her writing has been featured on Grandstand Central, Spoon University, Iowa Journalist and more. Follow her: Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn


Photos via Media Star’s newsletter, CMO Today’s newsletter, The Freelancer’s Year’s newsletter, Digiday Daily’s newsletter and The Eight Hundred Monthly’s newsletter.



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