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Damn, that’s!: Inside an Evening with the Tastiest Bunch of Editors Around

Not to brag, but Ed’s got pretty great taste. That’s why he recently hosted another one of his famous networking happy hours with the most scrumptious group of editors around: the tight-knit team behind! Lucky for you, we’ve got all the juicy deets from the evening, so read on for the inside scoop.

At the event, which was held mid-April at Latitude Bar & Grill in NYC, Ed and his fellow whippersnappers enjoyed tasty cocktails and even more tantalizing conversation with featured editors from Joanna Saltz, site director, Alyssa Fiorentino, social media editor, Lindsey Ramsey, managing editor, Candace Braun Davison, senior editor, Rheanna Bellomo, news editor, Chelsea Lupkin, lead video producer, Jonathan Boulton, video producer, and Rian Handler, food assistant. That’s quite a few of the web’s sauciest taste-makers in one room!

For two hours, whippersnappers mingled with the lineup of featured editors and asked them to share their best morsels of advice.

The main question on everyone’s minds: How do I get a job at “One of the most important things we look for when hiring someone is passion. We want someone who is enthusiastic about their work and what they do,” Lindsey Ramsey, managing editor, tells Ed. “Plus, you always want to hire someone you feel like you can really connect with and talk to!” she adds, which is true of most jobs in the industry.

After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time with your new colleagues. “We’re an especially right-knit crew who all get along really well,” Jonathan Boulton,’s video producer, tells us. “We’re all about pumping each other up and promoting team spirit.”

In fact, the team at is so close that they stay in contact off-hours, too. “We’re all in this ridiculously awesome group text together, so we stay in touch constantly — even when we’re not working,” says Rheanna Bellomo, news editor. “I’m obsessed with our wacky group text,” adds Lindsey. “I literally can’t go to the movies without getting 20 new texts, but I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way!” she laughs.

It’s this sense of support and camaraderie that makes such a great staff to be a part of. “Working at is unlike anything else! The best part about this team is knowing that someone always has your back,” says Candace Brain Davison, senior editor. “We’re on a 24/7 news cycle, so being able to text a colleague for help getting a story up quickly is a game-changer.”

Another juicy tidbit about their jobs: “If there’s a new frap flavor announced — we all drop everything and head to Starbucks!” she laughs. Now that’s a sweet job perk!

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